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An Agent for Jessica by Julia Ridgmont - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Julia Ridgmont
grew up in the American West, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she knows how
to ride a horse. What it does mean, however, is that she loves to weave the
country’s rich history into riveting tales full of romance and intrigue.

When she’s not writing, Julia enjoys cooking, sewing costumes for her children,
spending time with her husband, and watching her children perform in sports or
plays—or, if she’s really bored or stuck on a plot twist, cleaning the house.
She also writes contemporary inspirational romance under her real name, Laura
L. Walker.

Follow Julia as she unveils heroes whose strength and courage are only
surpassed by their tenderness, and heroines who hide their lonely hearts with a
cover of steel. It will take overcoming insurmountable odds and an iron will
for them to find a love that lasts forever. Luckily, they have Julia to help
them along.

To guard his heart or protect two little girls . . . Is he willing to risk it all?


Pinkerton detective Chas Bryant's last job for the agency is supposed to be
easy—deliver a cache of stolen items back to Mount Vernon after recovering them
from profiteers. Soon, however, Chas discovers that nothing in this case is
simple. When he’s called upon to search for a little girl gone missing after
her parents are murdered, there’s only one woman who can help him . . . but
he’ll need to make her his wife in order to complete the investigation.

Jessica Flanders is only trying to rescue her younger sister from a fate
bleaker than death. How can the powers that be possibly think that separating
them from each other is a good idea? Jessica made a dying promise to her
parents. Now she needs Chas’s help to get her sister back, but when they dig
deeper into the matter, they discover another little girl with an even greater
need for being rescued.

Soon it becomes clear that someone else is searching for the missing girl, too.
Can they keep her safe until the case is solved and the murderers are caught?
If so, Chas and Jessica will need to forge a bond that is stronger than the
evil forces surrounding them, and in the process, a love that will never be

Read each of the Pinkerton Matchmaker stories in any order. These agents give
the phrase "married to your work" a whole new meaning!


“Do you know which direction Agent
Bryant went from Mount Vernon?”

Chas breathed a sigh of relief when
the woman told Creedy, “Why, I don’t rightly know. I think he was planning on
heading back to Denver where he’s stationed.”

“And the Packards who stole the items
. . . do you know what happened to them?”

“I believe Agent Bryant told Ms.
Cunningham they were being transferred to a jail close to here, sir.”
“Very good. Thank you.”

The waitress brought Chas and
Jessica’s food soon after. It was clear to him the previous conversation was
finished. Still, Chas’s appetite was gone. He pushed his plate to the side.

Jessica pointed her spoon at him. “By
not eating, you’re drawing attention to yourself.”

That brought him out of his stupor. He
repositioned his plate and shoveled a large bite in his mouth, berating
himself. This entire case—or was it his beautiful new wife?—was addling his

He shook his head. The damage was
already done. Why had he let his caution slide just because he was simply
delivering a collection of recovered items to their rightful owner? He had only
ever disclosed his real name in special circumstances, when absolutely
necessary, such as in the situation two nights ago with the Packards. “That’s a
lesson for you,” he said around a mouthful of eggs. They tasted like sawdust.
“Never, ever use your real name when you’re on a case.”
“I just did.”
He stopped chewing and stared.

She shrugged. “In the barn, I told Mr.
O’Neill my real name—at least my real name before I was married. You said there
would be an advantage in doing so.”

With difficulty, Chas swallowed. What a mess
he’d made of things! Hopefully, it wouldn’t cost them this investigation. Or
their lives. Or the lives of two precious little girls.

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