Archie and the Lawlor Cat Hotel by Jane Lawlor

Congratulations! You have just found the best cat book ever written. I’m Archie and I am a ginger cat and the manager at the most incredible hotel just for cats. I’ve written this book so humans get to meet me and my guests as we get up to all sorts at night including cat rodeo, cat casino night, cat sailing and even skiing. I can’t wait for you to meet my guests and get to know their real personalities, not to mention my team, which includes Dan and Louis the horses and my three faithful hounds Buddy, Dougy and Alfie. Get ready for the read of your life.

Information about the Book
Title: Archie and the Lawlor Cat Hotel
Author: Jane Lawlor
Release Date: 1st October 2019
Genre: MG
Page Count: 168
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Excerpt ‘Noooooooooo… it CAN’T be that time!’ I said to myself.
The sound of a key turning had me wide awake. Always on high alert, you see. Never fully asleep. That’s why they call it a cat nap. And it’s why there is a catwalk in every decent fashion show because we cats are the ultimate beauty.
Did you know that the most researched subject on the internet is cats? True and with good reason.
We are fascinating. My name is Archie and I am front of house at Lawlor Cat Hotel. I’m your regular ginger moggy. My human is Jane and she pays the bills and would love to be a cat but sadly she only has human status. I taught her everything she knows.
I’m not high maintenance but I know what works for a cat so I’ve shared my knowledge – she really has got the hang of it considering she’s human.
So here’s the jazz. I’m a ginger rescue cat. Our entire litter was dumped in Hampstead Heath by some horrid human. Some made their way to the streets of London and I chose Essex. I’m more of a bling man you know. Love fast cars, the glamour, the drama but my colour is all natural and not fake.
I look after my appearance: grooming, lots of exercise chasing the rabbits and deer at Great Warley, checking on the fish and the birds, not to mention welcoming each and every guest. I have a lot on!
I digress… so I end up in a cattery/ rescue centre (cosy cats in Potters Bar) and Jane came and rescued me. The rescue home was brilliant and they fixed my teeth and leg (still gives me a bit of trouble).
Once healthy Sean and Steph started talking about putting me up for adoption and I pawsed for thought. Who would be the perfect human? Someone easily trainable, lively but not too lively, loving, affectionate…
So after dismissing several humans (just not my cup of tea and nothing personal) I saw Jane, thought yep she’s the one, and did that take me home routine those humans always fall for.
I used my best feline charm and to be fair I landed on my feet. She owns this purffect gaff out in the country called Great Warley Place with three acres of land, and I helped her convert her 100-year-old Coach House to the coolest Cat Hotel ever!

 Author Information
Jane Lawlor was born in Dublin in 1971. At the age of five she moved with her mum and sister to London, then later settling in Potters Bar. Her love affair with animals of all kinds began when she struck up an unlikely friendship with Lady Ann Naylor who lived nearby and allowed a young Jane to ride at her private stables in exchange for mucking out her racehorses. Jane’s dream job would have been to become a vet, but unable to afford the university fees she became a trainee accountant; wildly industrious, she went to night school four nights a week after work and qualified in 1995 aged twenty-four. She worked in banking in the city of London until she set up her own property management firm at the age of thirty, and continues to run today. In 2013 Jane and her husband Skipsey bought Great Warley Place in Essex where she opened her cat hotel in 2016; a luxury antidote to cramped catteries, Jane spoils her furry guests like royalty! Jane is the mother of twin boys, Patrick and Rory; parental exhaustion, the need for good bedtime stories and the desire to share her passion for cats with her sons and other children, motivated her to write this book. Archie is Jane’s own cat. He replies to all emails at the cattery.

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