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Eden Burning by Deidre Quiery - Book Tour

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SynopsisCatapulting us into 1970s Belfast in the heart of the Troubles, Eden Burning pulses with conflict and introduces us to a cast of characters we profoundly care about, even when they are warring with each other. Above all, though, it is a novel with a true spiritual and emotional heart. –Rachel Connor, bestselling author of Sisterwives
Northern Ireland, 1972. On the Crumlin Road, Belfast, the violent sectarian Troubles have forced Tom Martin to take drastic measures to protect his family. Across the divide William McManus pursues his own particular bloody code, murdering for a cause. Yet both men have underestimated the power of love and an individuals belief in right and wrong, a belief that will shake the lives of both families with a greater impact than any bomb blast. This is a compelling, challenging story of conflict between and within families driven by religion, belief, loyalty and love. In a world deeply riven by division, a world of murders, bomb blasts and assassinations, how can any individual transcend the seemingly inevitable violence of their very existence?
About the Author
Deirdre Quiery was born in Belfast in 1957. She was 14 when her family were evicted from their home in North Belfast during ‘The Troubles’. The family then ‘squatted on ‘The Peace Line’ – the frontier of violence between the Catholic District called Ardoyne and the Protestant Shankill Road. These experiences over the next 10 years which included being held hostage, two uncles being murdered and three car bombs exploding outside her home in North Belfast, inspired “Eden Burning”.
In search of adventure, Deirdre gave up her full time job, sold her home in Oxford and travelled to Mallorca with her husband and cat and while living in an olive grove with no running water, no TV, no internet and there found the inspiration for her second novel “The Secret Wound” to be published by Urbane Publications in June 2017 which is set in Northern Ireland and Mallorca.
Deirdre loves to not only write but paints, exploring myths and symbols in both writing and painting.
She was First Prize Winner of the Alexander Imich Competition in the USA for inspirational writing about the human condition. Her debut novel “Eden Burning” was nominated for the People’s Prize in the UK.

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