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Jesse's Girl by Tara September - Audio Book Tour + Giveaway

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Audiobook Tour: Jesse’s Girl by Tara September

Author: Tara September

Narrator: Verla Bond

Length: 3 hours and 37 minutes

Publisher: Plus it Up

Released: Sep. 6, 2019

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Successful Texas lawyer, Reade Walker, curses that damn song every time it plays, all too aware of the irony of its lyrics. After all, he has been secretly and painfully enamored with Jesse's girl, Gwen, for nearly a decade. It was love at first sight for him, but sadly she's not his girl. She belongs to the one man who betrayed him and knows Reade's hidden family secret. Yet, Reade can't seem to love anyone except the one woman he can't have. Or can he make her mine?

When Gwen Clark's senator husband runs off with his intern and all their money, the ensuing scandal turns her life upside down. Deserted, penniless, and desperate to provide for her six-year-old daughter, Gwen has no one to turn to but Reade Walker. The one man her heart desperately wants, but her pride dreads having to ask for help. Despite welcoming them into his home, it seems like Reade can barely stand being in the same room with her anymore, let alone under the same roof - in the same bedroom. But Gwen is determined to get her life back on track. It is past time to rediscover her own dreams...if only she can keep her aching heart from breaking all over again.

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Tara September is an award-winning... and losing contemporary romance writer living in Southwest Florida.

Tara is proud to be the world's most okayest mom to clones (identical twin boys). When not writing out her daydreams, she blogs over at When Tara Met Blog @tarametblog, a lifestyle and parenting blog of 14 years.

Holding a master's degree in journalism from NYU, she previously was the Corporate Communications Manager at WWE and PR Manager for The Walt Disney Company, Consumer Products.
Narrator Bio

Verla Bond is an American actor, improvisor, and storyteller, who makes her home in Los Angeles, California. She enjoys performing on the stage and screen, but especially loves recording audiobooks, where she gets the privilege of playing all kinds of diverse characters, such as British vampires, Irish leprechauns, and Southern gentlemen.

Dream Cast
Tara September's Casting Picks for Jesse's Girl
When I read books, I’m often casting actors and actresses to play the different characters. However, when asked this question about my own book, it wasn’t as easy. Likely because I truly see Gwen and Reade as real people with their own features and characteristics. But...
  • Jennifer Aniston or Emma Watson as Gwen Gallo (an attractive, girl next door type that could be both a senator’s wife and a mom in yoga pants)
  • Henry Cavill or Richard Madden as Reade Walker (a loyal handsome man that you can trust, a strong and steady Clark Kent)
  • Ryan Gosling as Jesse Clark (Charming all-American southern boy look, but with a hidden darkness who can pull off jeans and a cowboy hat or black-tie attire.)
  • A young Jennifer Garner as family lawyer Danielle Dixon, former tom-boy turned bombshell.
  • Chris Pratt as Hunter, the former high school football star who fled town due to Jesse’s manipulations and is now returning home for the first time
Giveaway: $50 Best Buy gift card & Jesse’s Girl audiobook

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