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Love is Death by L.P. Masters - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Born and
raised in the rainy streets of the Seattle Area, L.P. Masters spent her fair
share of time staring out rain-streaked windows and writing books. Masters has
always had extremely vivid dreams, which often spark inspiration for her
novels. In 1999, after one such dream, Masters began her first writing project.
She has participated in National Novel Writer's Month every November since
2010. Writing isn't the only thing she can do with a pen in her hand, she also
enjoys sketching and drawing—with varying degrees of success. Masters now lives
in the slightly-less-dreary city of Spokane Washington with her husband, four
wonderful daughters, and two crazy dogs.

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Gina’s plan
for her afterlife is simple: survive as long as possible. The afterlife is a
ghost-kill-ghost kind of place. When she meets newly-dead Alec, she can’t help
her desire to protect him. Before she knows it, she finds herself falling for
him, despite the little voice in her head telling her it’s a bad idea.

Alec’s goals don’t mesh well with Gina’s plans. Determined to save his living
sister from a murderer, he’s willing to disobey the laws of a well-established
cult in the afterlife. If the cult finds out, they’ll kill him. Again. He’s
hesitant to accept Gina’s help and threaten her afterlife, but he’s guaranteed
to fail without her. Together they embark on a perilous mission, but the most
dangerous aspect of all is the threat of falling in love. Because in the
afterlife... love is death.


It took us a few hours to walk to the winery. Alec favored his leg quite a
bit, which slowed us down, plus, I was avoiding the city proper. We met a few
ghosts along the way, but it was glaringly obvious that the population in
Penticton was much smaller than in Seattle. Anyone who was unwilling to Convert
was sent to the afterdeath. Our paleskin disguises seemed to be working,
though. The ghosts who passed us simply nodded or offered a muttered blessing.

It was almost dawn when we neared the winery where Hisao said the sword
would be, so we moved off the road. I didn't want someone asking questions,
wondering why we were there. There were Lide churches set up in practically
every old building and barn in the country, but Markus Logan owned the winery.
He had some big, important job in the Lide Cult. I didn't care what it was, but
it meant he was rich. Several guards patrolled around the winery to keep
unwanted company away.

I glanced over at Alec and frowned. I didn't want to do this. The concern
wasn't really for myself. I worried about Alec. He'd never been in a real sword
fight before. Now we were running into a winery that belonged to some religious
"Hey," I said, "Why don't you stay out here?"

Alec chuckled and shook his head. "I was just about to say the same
thing to you."

What an awful situation we were in. We'd fallen for each other. There was
no denying that after the long ride up to Canada. Now we were more than likely
going to get killed. We could stay out. We could save the ghost of Riley's dad
like Alec wanted to do and then head home. Get out of this awful country.
No. Alec would never let his sister die.
"All right," I said. "We go in together then."

Alec nodded. I held my tongue. I wanted to say, We die together too. Whatever. No one wants to die alone.

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