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Magic Harbor by Kristen L. Jackson - Book Tour Giveaway

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Magic Harbor 
Kristen L. Jackson 
(Keeper of the Watch, #2)
Publication date: October 10th 2019
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

When Alyx Eris convinced him to become a keeper of the watch, Chase Walker knew he gained the ability to traverse the twelve dimensions.
He knew there were others—the hunters—who would do anything to put an end to the watches’ existence.
He knew his status as a keeper was completely binding until his nineteenth birthday.
Most importantly, he knew he’d be spending the year by Alyx’s side.
What he didn’t know was that in this dimension resides a ruling mage that poses more of a threat than the hunters ever could.
He didn’t know that magic-born hybrid beasts lurk in every corner of the surrounding forests.
And he didn’t know that nothing—and no one—is what it seems in the mystical world of Dimension 8.

A spark leapt out of the stream of contained lightning, striking Chase’s left arm. He swatted at it, jumping backward. The tiny spark traveled down his arm and into his watch, which began vibrating and humming. Staring down into the watch face, his eyes widened when the electrical stream erupted from the watch to combine with George’s magic. Heat engulfed his wrist as the watch took on a life of its own.
Holding his arm straight out toward the doorway, the electricity seemed to absorb directly into it, creating a rippling in the air. “It’s not working.”
“Yes. It is. Keep it up,” George hissed between his teeth, sweat beading on his forehead.
Chase lost track of how long they remained there, a volley of electrical bursts combining in a mystical battle of wills. Suddenly the sound of glass shattering filled the small room and Chase jumped back, ducking to avoid any contact. His blank eyes searched the floor for signs of destruction that didn’t appear, and he patted his chest. “What ...?” There was no evidence of the victory—if in fact they’d won the battle— or any broken pieces of the transparent wall that had been blocking them moments before. George turned to face him and gestured, “You first.”
“O-okay. You’re sure it’s ....?”

“Yes. It’s safe.” George gave one curt nod.

Chase glided forward, and walked straight through the doorway as if there had never been a blockage. He breathed a sigh of relief, just as the floor—as the stairs had done earlier—shifted, his feet falling through holes that had not been there seconds earlier. “Look out!” he called over his shoulder. The walls began to pulse and an inky black substance crawled like onyx lava down the walls toward the floor.
“It’s the house. It’s trying to prevent us from reaching the source in the basement.” He held his hands in front of him, and tiny electrical currents raced under his skin. “No worries.”
“No worries? I don’t see how we ...”

“Did I mention that controlling electricity has always been my strength?”

“No. No, you didn’t. But I still don’t see how that can help.”

“Just give me a minute.”

“Wait. What are you doing?”

“Why, I’m calling all the electricity from the town. Directing it here. Stop talking. I need to concentrate.”

Chase looked down. He couldn’t see his feet underneath the linoleum flooring, and the black blobs continued further down the wall. His eyes tracked the slow progress as it slimed past the base of the wall onto the floor, heading directly toward him. “Hurry!”
Outside, the neighborhood went suddenly black. At the same time, the house on Seacrest lit up like the annual Fourth of July firework display set off on the Sunset Beach.

Author Bio:
Kristen L. Jackson been a teacher for over twenty years, and lives in Reading, Pennsylvania with her husband, two grown sons, and three large-breed dogs. Books inspire her. From children’s picture books to adult literature in all genres, she has loved reading all her life. Becoming a published author has been her dream come true, and she loves to share her stories with readers of all ages. Sign up on her website to follow her blog to stay up to date on what she’s working on now! Kristen loves writing, reading, and spending time with her family and dogs at their cabin in the Poconos…her favorite place to escape and write!


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