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Witches Protection Program by Michael Okon - Book Tour & Review

Witches Protection Program

Michael Okon

* Urban Fantasy *


Author: Michael Okon

Publisher: WordFire Press

Pages: 200

Genre: Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Wes Rockville, a disgraced law-enforcement agent, gets one last
chance to prove himself and save his career when he’s reassigned to a
232-year-old secret government organization.

The Witches Protection Program.

His first assignment: uncover a billion-dollar cosmetics company’s
diabolical plan to use witchcraft for global domination, while
protecting its heiress Morgan Pendragon from her aunt’s evil deeds.
Reluctantly paired with veteran witch protector, Alastair Verne, Wes
must learn to believe in witches…and believe in himself.

Filled with adventure and suspense, Michael Okon creates a rousing,
tongue-in-cheek alternate reality where witches cast spells and wreak
havoc in modern-day New York City.


Witches Protection Program is a great summer choice, ideal
for beach or poolside reading, and with elements of romance, action,
crime, and fantasy, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy.”—Foreword Reviews

“…mixes predictable elements–corporate intrigue, sexy witches, cat
familiars, car chases, family secrets, and steampunk weaponry–into an
enjoyable story.’—Publisher’s Weekly

“Cleverly offbeat, often cheeky, and loads of fun.”Kirkus

WITCHES PROTECTION PROGRAM is a fun and quick read, and the out-of-the-norm narrative choices make the novel feel like something wonderfully subversive.” – IndieReader

Witches Protection Program is a unique gem, one that’s fast-paced with twists, action, and fun characters.” – Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite, Five Star Review

Witches Protection Program will hook you if not for the
action, then the romance and if not for the romance, then the sheer
humor, what with its funny dialogue.” – Liezl Ruiz, NetGalley Reviewer


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The narrator filled in more information. “It wasn’t until this land became my land that the government decided to create an organization to protect women at risk. The Davina Doctrine went against everything that the Willas stood for. Even though they ran the risk of persecution, the Davinas chose to work with law enforcement to expose the evil deeds of the rival sisterhood. President George Washington established secret legislation under Title VI of the Control Act of 1792. The law was enacted to protect the good witches that exposed the evil deeds of their sisterhood.”

The screen went dark. There was only a chair in the center of a dimly lit stage. A single spotlight focused on the top of the blond actress’s head. Wes was right; it was the actress he’d suspected. She had a hit sitcom and two Emmys, and there was some recent Oscar talk about her last movie.
“Yes. There are witches. Living among us. They are women who believe in using their power to protect love and life. And then there are some who use their powers for all the wrong reasons.”

The camera came to rest on her beautiful face. She winked saucily as she placed a triangular witch’s hat on her head. 

“Welcome to the WitchesProtection Program.”

Alastair smiled broadly. “I love that part.”
“That was Jennifer Anis—”


My Review
Witches Protection Program is a fun, almost campy (in a good way) urban fantasy about a dyslexic cop who fails at his one job and gets demoted to the Witches Protection Program. He doesn't believe witches area real thing, and he's determined to prove himself and get back to the real police force. Too bad for him, though, because witches are real, and one of them is up to no good.
I really enjoyed this book. It's fast-paced and keeps you on your toes, but the characters are likable enough. I think Alistair was probably my favorite of them all. And I absolutely hated Scarlett.
The premise of the story sounds kind of silly (a bad witch putting her DNA in face cream to control the entire world), but it works, and it's actually kind of like a race-against-time sort of thing.
Can Wes and Alistair stop the shipments of face cream from reaching their destinations before it's too late? And what sort of crazy tricks does Bernadette have up her sleeve to stop them from completing their mission?
Also, that little twisty reveal near the end? I honestly don't know how I didn't see that coming. But it was a surprise, and I liked the nice touch it added.
I'm rating Witches Protection Program 4 stars.


Michael Okon is an award-winning and best-selling author of multiple
genres including paranormal, thriller, horror, action/adventure and
self-help. He graduated from Long Island University with a degree in
English, and then later received his MBA in business and finance. Coming
from a family of writers, he has storytelling in his DNA. Michael has
been writing from as far back as he can remember, his inspiration being
his love for films and their impact on his life. From the time he saw
The Goonies, he was hooked on the idea of entertaining people through
unforgettable characters.

Michael is a lifelong movie buff, a music playlist aficionado, and a
sucker for self-help books. He lives on the North Shore of Long Island
with his wife and children.


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