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Edj of the Empire: Herrig's World by Timothy Burns - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Empire of Ninety Nine Stars Book 1
Science Fiction
Date Published: 10/10/2019
Publisher: Chandra Press

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Edj Dumarc LaRand Bronacious Tarkle, the son of Emperor Risherd Fontanue LaRand Bronacious Tarkle, and the Crown Prince and Heir to the Crystal Throne of the Empire of the Ninety-Nine Stars is on his way to Herrig’s World, a remote planet that rarely warrants attention. However, production of the ore critical to anti-grave tech, minzite, has recently cratered.

There are many ways to address the decline. The navy could be sent in to investigate, but they never do anything small. An official auditor could be dispatched, but he would inevitably find several perfectly good reasons for the decline and file a report saying, oh well, that's just the way it is. Or Edj could go and make a few quiet, discrete inquiries and find out precisely who is profiting. It seemed so simple when his father asked him to investigate matters.

But nothing is ever simple. What Edj uncovers on Herrig’s World is a plot to destroy the foundation of the Empire. With a mindbender named Mala and his loyal android companion, JD, in tow, Edj begins an adventure across the Ninety-Nine stars to stop the conspiracy in its tracks. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they expect. With his ship barely functional, and the odds stacked against him, can Edj save the Empire before time runs out?

Personally, I was more taken by the view through the transparent dome. Millions of asteroids of all sizes, colors and compositions filled the sky in a slow dance against a backdrop split vertically between unfiltered stars and the empty blackness of Intergalactic space. It was the kind of view that made a contemplative person reflect on his place among all that the universe contains.
We had been there no more than two minutes before my appreciation of the glories of the cosmos was rudely interrupted by the arrival of that paragon of arrogant narcissism himself, the former Lord Lumar D’Orneo.
Decked out in a costume that would have embarrassed any self-respecting circus clown, he was the epitome of deluded fashion blindness. There must have been two dozen bright, clashing colors among his puffy pants, curly-toed slippers, wide sash belt, balloon-armed pleated shirt, and lopsided beret cap. It's been said that he fancies himself an artist and trendsetter, but I don't know of anyone who has actually copied his flamboyant dress for anything other than a joke. Perhaps among a certain set on Villalba there were some who took him seriously back in his day, but if so they would never admit to it now.

His body, and especially his face, had been tweaked into the idea of physical perfection. He was neither too tall nor too short, too thin or too muscular. His facial features were based on mathematical models that supposedly describe the ideal masculine form: firm chin, full but not over-full lips, strong slightly-arched nose, protruding but not angular cheekbones, large brown eyes, and medium-weight eyebrows. His hair, what there was of it not covered by his cap, was short, tightly curled and a golden blond, which almost completely matched his skin complexion. He was known to be at least 130 years old but looked 25.

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About the Author

Mr. Burns is a factory worker who sidelines as a carpenter, computer technician and jack of many trades handyman whose primary interest is hard science-fiction. He has read and loved that genre all his life and has always dreamed of writing books that others would enjoy reading as much as he himself enjoyed those of the great S/F masters. He is very interested in high technology and tries to impart accuracy and plausibility into his work. Other reading and writing interests include fantasy, magic, the paranormal, the Norse runes and nature-centered religions. He lives in northern Mississippi.

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