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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied by Preston Howard - Book Tour

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Preston Howard

* Crime Thriller *


Author: Preston Howard & Anne Howard

Publisher: PHP

Pages: 335

Genre: Noir Crime Thriller

Retired attorney Preston Howard obsesses about the newly elected,
bombastic and narcissistic president, and three corrupt Austin police
officers whom he represented and saved from capital murder charges and
execution ten years before. After his wife divorces him and his drinking
reaches gargantuan proportions, Howard’s thoughts turn to murderous
impulses as the only way he can stamp out one, or both of his fixations.
Howard and his co-author, daughter Anne Howard, tell the story, often
with hilarious observations, of compulsion, addiction, love, and in the
end, the search for justice.


“I thought Preston Howard’s first book was terrific, but Justice
Delayed is Justice Denied is a home run! One of the best books I’ve read
in years.” – John P. Davis, Knoxville, Tennessee

“Preston Howard’s writing and insights into politics and the legal
system keep getting better and better. Justice Delayed is hilarious and
on point!” – Amy Margulies, Austin, Texas

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I cackled while watching The Donald in June, 2015, as he descended the elevator at Trump Tower like an Arabian potentate, Melania walking below him in one of her bazillion-dollar outfits (or more...can there be more than a bazillion?).

Right off the bat, I figured no rational person would listen to this

clown as he ranted about Mexican rapists, recapturing oil in the

Mideast, jobs lost to China and Mexico, blah, blah, blah. Right after the

Great Bloviator announced his candidacy, Jon Stewart licked his chops

and rubbed his hands together in glee but expressed sorrow that he would

soon be leaving The Daily Show, unable to skewer this phony poohbah in

Jon’s inimitable style.

Boy oh boy, did Jon and I ever get this one wrong, as did most of the

elitist commentators—the FOX reporters impostering as legitimate media

excluded, of course. And as well did the multiple Republican candidates, who scorned Trump as a laughable huckster not worthy of consideration. His list of gaffes during the campaign mounted day by day, but the Trumpster shrugged them off like water off a duck’s back each time and just kept lying all the way to victory and the White House.

I wonder often how many times after the Republican Convention, Jeb Bush

and Marco “Trump has little hands” Rubio asked themselves, “How the

fuck did this nimrod beat me?” And Hillary, bless her heart, she must wake

up every day thinking “I deserved to win; I was entitled. How could

all those deplorables snatch away my victory? How dare they?”



Preston Howard has retired from his rewarding profession as a labor
lawyer, where he represented law enforcement officers not only in Texas
but across the country. As a renowned expert, he spoke at meetings and
conferences about topical labor law issues not only in the United
States, but in other countries as well.  He now lives in Hot Springs,
Arkansas, where he spends his time writing novels.

His first book, “The Sheltering Palms,” was highly praised. One
reviewer said, “…had me hooked right from the start.” Another person
wrote, “…storytelling at its best.”

His latest effort, “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied,” tracks his
struggles with retirement: a divorce from his wife, alcoholism, and
thoughts of murder either of the president or three corrupt police
offices he represented ten years before. As he wrestles with these
concerns, he also dips his foot into the dating scene, meeting an
attractive senior lady. As in his first novel, Preston Howard’s
observations about the human condition are hilarious and on point.

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