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Roping the Rancher by Kellie Kamryn - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Roping the Rancher
Brokenhead Hearts Book 2
by Kellie Kamryn

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Kit Morgan is Brokenhead’s sex therapist by day and Dominatrix by night. While she
never shies away from being her true self, she rarely mixes business with
pleasure until she meets Greg Anderson, the owner of the only two horses in
this kinky two-horse town.

Submissive Greg longs to turn his ranch into a BDSM bed
and breakfast—a safe place to stay and play for those in the kink lifestyle.
He’s looking for a partner in life and business, and he wonders if he’s found that in Kit.

Will they ride off into the sunset, or tie each other up in knots?

Trudy glanced at her wrist. “Well, would you look at the time? I need to get going.”
Kit frowned in confusion. “What are you talking about? You just got here, and besides, it’s your appointment.”
Greg heaved a sigh and folded his arms over his chest. “Mom, you’re not even wearing a watch.”
Trudy scratched her wrist. “Huh… You’re right. It must be my intuition telling me it’s time to leave.” She hiked her purse onto her shoulder and stood. “You kids have a nice chat about me, and we will discuss it next week.”
Surprised, Kit gaped as Trudy hurried from the office, slamming the door behind her.
She turned to Greg. “What the hell just happened?”
Greg scratched at his head. “I don’t know. She told me she wanted to discuss something with me, but she felt better doing it at your office. Said she felt better with a professional present.”
Kit muttered under her breath. “That woman will drive me nuts one day…”
One of Greg’s eyebrows shot upward. “You’re talking about my mother.”
Kit rolled her eyes. “As if you don’t know your own mother.”
“You have a point.” He chuckled, lounging back into the sofa, one arm on the backrest, long legs stretched out in front of him. “There were times I thought she’d be the death of me. Or I’d strangle her. But like you said—she is one of a kind.”
Kit swallowed hard, trying not to be affected by his sexy sprawl on her couch. Moisture gathered in her pussy, and she pressed her legs together, tugging down her skirt. “Well.” She cleared her throat. “Your mom has paid in advance for this session. Tell me how you’d like to proceed on her dime.”
“I find it incredibly hot that you don’t wear panties,” he murmured.
She startled for a second, then zeroed in on him, her Domme persona rising to the challenge. He needs to be taught a lesson. Kit straightened her spine, intentionally thrusting out her breasts and crossing one leg over the other slowly to give Greg a good glimpse of what he wouldn’t be getting.
She noted Greg’s reaction to the red three-inch heels that adorned her feet. She purposefully swung one leg for a second, letting the moment drag out, and relished the way Greg’s nostrils flared and his pupils dilated as he observed her actions.
Kit stood, her feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips, and stared at him. Using her commanding voice, she said, “Correction, slut. The proper response is, I find it incredibly hot that you don’t wear panties, Mistress.”
Greg’s cheeks flushed with a pink hue. He sat up straight and bowed his head. “I find it incredibly hot that you don’t wear panties, Mistress.”

Menagerie a Trois
Brokenhead Hearts Book 1

Dubbed the Kat Lady by her roommate, Kat Munroe admits to an ulterior motive for
rescuing strays—a chance to visit the cute Dr. Evan Cole at the vet clinic. He
makes her heart purr as much as her kittens do. Determined to ask him out
before he thinks she’s some crazy cat woman, Kat works up her courage for the next visit.

Evan Cole doesn’t see many females other than the animal
variety at his veterinary clinic. Always a believer that the right woman will
walk into his life someday, he made everything else—vet school, his career—a
priority over searching for love. But from the day Kat Munroe walks through the
door with a stray feline rescue, his heart beats to see her again. His
dilemma—how to create the perfect romantic date when you’re clueless about dating?

When they finally go on a date, disaster strikes at every
turn. Will they be able to handle the menagerie? Or will they decide that more isn’t merrier?

Award-winning author Kellie Kamryn is a retired elite
gymnast and competitive coach. These days she is captain of her crew of four
wearing many a hat: chauffeur, cook, maid, and arm chair psychologist, although
her favorite title, and the one she answers to most, is “Mom”. As a martial
artist, she trains in the internal martial arts of Xingyi and Baguazhang, and
teaches self defence classes for women and children alongside her teaching partner.
While she’s often described as sweet, her friends and
readers know she’s got a sassy side, and most days she can be found channeling
her sass into writing stories and poetry that sweep readers away into other
worlds. When her writing muse demands a break, she channels her creative energy
into bringing many a tale to life through her work as a narrator, and as online
columnist for The Aquarian Online.
Readers are welcome to join her on Facebook in her Sweet & Sassy Divas and Dudes group! It’s the first place
she mentions contests, articles and much, much more! To discover more about the
worlds she creates, visit her website at:

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