DI Donna Davenport and her team are under pressure.

With the hunt on for the country’s most notorious cop killer and an ongoing complex international investigation, the murder of a local thug during a football match is the last thing the police need.

But as more incidents overload the police, and fear brings vigilante mobs onto the streets, suspicion grows that the mayhem is being orchestrated.

One man can make it stop. With the city heading towards chaos and disaster, Donna prepares to abandon caution and the rules, even if it means she is ostracised by her own team.  

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Toxic killer loose on the streets of Dundee

A Weekend Special report by Lindsey Forsyth

In this weekend special, we can exclusively reveal a catalogue of incompetence at the heart of Police Scotland in Dundee, and well be asking why crazed killer Jonas Evanton has been allowed to roam free among the citys unsuspecting citizens for the last two years.

We can provide the inside story about how the former Detective Inspector - arrested two years ago as the mastermind behind a smuggling operation that resulted in eleven horrific deaths across Tayside - was sent to Belmarsh Prison as part of a deal.  He became the only person ever to escape from the high security facility, and has evaded police ever since.  Coincidence? We let you decide.

A source close to Police Scotland told us how Evanton, despite being the subject of the police forces biggest manhunt in its entire history, managed to sit right under their noses in Bell Street for months.  The brutal murderer remains at large, and we will be demanding to know why no warning has been issued to the public.

In further revelations, we have learned that lead detective DI Donna Davenport, who recently spent several months in a psychiatric hospital, has been given her own armed protection.  We understand blunders made by Davenport were responsible for Evantons escape following his most recent sighting.  We will be asking questions about Davenports role in the disastrous investigation, and well be looking at concerns about her state of mind and fitness to be on duty.

Local Councillor Hugh Finnie has expressed alarm at the revelations, and has confirmed that a number of vigilante groups have begun to patrol parts of Dundee.  People need to protect themselves,” he told us, if they cant trust the police to do it.

Turn to the centre pages for the full story.

Author Bio

Jackie McLean
Published by ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd

Jackie lives in Glasgow and has a varied background, including being a government economist, a political lobbyist, and running a pet shop in Glasgow’s Southside (ask her anything about pets).  She currently works with East Ayrshire Council, where until recently her job involved frequent visits to Kilmarnock Prison.

  Toxic is her first crime novel, introducing DI Donna Davenport, and was shortlisted in the Yeovil Literary Prize before publication by ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd.
  The sequel, Shadows, was published in October 2017, and
  Her third book in the DI Davenport series (Run) will be published in October 2019.

Jackie has appeared at crime writing festivals Newcastle Noir, Crime at the Castle and Literally @ Newbattle, and regularly appears at Noir at the Bar events (including Edinburgh, Newcastle, Dundee and Dunfermline).  She also forms part of the Dangerous Dames and Murder & Mayhem along with a number of other crime writers, and has appeared at events in libraries and bookstores across Scotland as part of these.  She is one of Bloody Scotland’s 2019 Crime in the Spotlight authors.

Until recently, Jackie ran the writing group at Waterstones Braehead, and has also run creative writing sessions with the men in Kilmarnock Prison.




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