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The Alphabet of Life by Fran Norris - Book Tour & Review

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The Alphabet of Life by Fran Norris

The Alphabet for Life by [Norris, Fran]

An alphabet book with a difference! Who said A is for Apple? Why not A is for Acceptance?! Let's learn the alphabet using words that will inspire and empower everyone to thrive in life! Packed with fun illustrations and thoughtful quotes and themes, The Alphabet For Life is a unique children's book the whole family can enjoy and learn from for a lifetime.

Information about the Book

Title: The Alphabet of Life
Author: Fran Norris
Release Date: 29th October 2019
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 30
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
The Alphabet of Life is an inspirational children's book that is beautifully illustrated. The book features a different word for each letter (such as acceptance, kindness, and values), and each illustration coincides with the word. There are also quotes to go along with each word/picture that parents and older readers will find inspiring and motivational. Younger readers will enjoy the colorful pictures and discovering new words to go along with the alphabet. 
It's something new and different, and I really liked the creativity behind the book. It's not just the alphabet; it's the alphabet of life. 
5 stars!

Author Information
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Fran Norris is a mother of two living in Devon. Like most parents, her daily life largely involves coming up with creative approaches to making the good-for-you stuff enjoyable and appealing to children. She believes that education should nurture our natural curiosity and empower each individual to reach their fullest potential. Inspired by the playful way children approach any task, from brushing their teeth to eating toast, Fran is convinced that fun should be at the core of all learning.
As a former scientist, Fran approaches life as a wonderful experiment and loves to question everything. Her children provide a never-ending source of mystery and challenges to be solved. Creating THE ALPHABET OF LIFE reconnected Fran with her love of drawing and painting, encouraging her to work as an illustrator now. 

Tour Schedule

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Monday 28th October

Tuesday 29th October

Wednesday 30th October

Thursday 31st October

Friday 1st November

Saturday 2nd November

Sunday 3rd November

Monday 4th November

Tuesday 5th November

Wednesday 6th November

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Saturday 9th November

Sunday 4th November

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