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The Incredibly Nosey Cat Flap Pony by Libby Lake - Book Tour & Review

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The Incredibly Nosey Cat Flap Pony
by Libby Lake

The tiddliest of ponies with wondersome wings was buzzing around examining things.
What would you do if a teensy tiny, flying pony busily bustled into your house?
This hilarious, heart-warming story shows how being inquisitive can be a good thing!

Information about the Book
Title: The Incredibly Nosey Cat Flap Pony
Author: Libby Lake
Release Date: 28th November 2019
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 30
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
The Incredibly Nosey Cat Flap Pony is a fun, silly children's book with an easy-to-read rhyming scheme that will thrill kids of all ages. 
The story is about a young girl who discovers a very nosey pony (one that can fly!) has bumbled its way into her home. And, boy, does this pony cause quite a mess. 
From dishes and lotions to glitter and clay, this pony has to investigate everything. And when the little girl tries to create a shoebox barn for the pony, it decides to make a mess of that too!
Thankfully, the little girl's parents "rescue" the pony from completely destroying their home. But what happens when they capture it? You'll have to read and find out!
I found this book to be fun, colorful, and engaging. My son enjoyed sitting with me and reading it. He laughed when we rhymed words, and he enjoyed looking at the illustrations too.
I'd recommend this book to young readers and parents who like reading to their kiddos. 
It's a cute read.
4 stars!

Author Information
Libby was born in St Albans, Hertfordshire.  She studied law at Aberystwyth University prior to qualifying as a solicitor.  Since then Libby has worked in the City in headhunting & coaching, set up a charity and helps build tech start-ups. 

Her writing career began in 2010 when she wrote her first play, ‘Trial by Ego’ which was first produced in 2011.  ‘The Incredibly Nosey Cat Flap Pony’ is Libby’s first children’s book.

Libby and her two teenage children live on the South Coast.

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