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The Magic Fairy Godmother by Jessica Hill - Book Tour & Review

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The Magic Fairy Godmother
by Jessica Hill

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Hesta is a beautiful but different creature, who everyone wonders about.
This is until she meets a dashing Prince called Lance with Star, the unicorn.
They are transformed by The Magic Fairy Godmother, but can they live happily ever after
or is the spell about to be broken...

Information about the Book
Title: The Magic Fairy Godmother
Author: Jessica Hill
Release Date: 12th November 2019
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 18
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
The Magic Fairy Godmother is a cute, quick read that tells the story of Hesta.
She's sad because she's different, but when a prince finds her, everything changes.
A fairy godmother grants her (and her prince) a magical transformation so they can attend a ball.
But what happens after? Do they get their happily ever after?
Kids, especially little girls, will enjoy the bright, colorful pictures and easy to read story.
Plus, there's a unicorn. Who doesn't love unicorns?
I found the story to be sweet, and even though my son isn't really into fairy tales or unicorns,
he liked listening to me read, and he liked looking at the pictures.
4 stars from me!

Author Information

Jess Hill is a newcomer to the world of books.  She has been a teacher, linguist, makeup artist
and public speaker. Having always adored writing from a very early age she decided to write her
first book in 2018. Being ever so creative she let her imagination run wild to produce an inspirational
book to be proud of 'The Magic Fairy Godmother'. She currently lives in Wales where inspiration
will be the premise of her next series of books.

Tour Schedule
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