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The Portal to Thenitiwan by Ada M. Stone - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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The Portal to Thenitiwan
by Ada Stone 


GENRE: Fantasy


Over 9,000 years ago, an ancient spiritual energy leaks through a link in time entering Thenitiwan, destroying the barrier between the past and future. The spirit enters a host or Hawopas to block the portals spiritual gravity through carnal energy of a living body to survive.

Over the centuries, a powerful civilization called Sagerowa emerges knowing that history favors the rise and death of great nations throughout time. Sagerowa eventually gained control of the gateway and entered future eras and destroyed them to weaken them and sought to freeze their era in time forever.

Many years later in the midst of the tension of the nation's most recent war, Joie tries to return home with the assistance of Xuca who escorted her to safety. Xuca however is unable to look after her and be loyal to his goals and let her go as a priority. She soon finds comfort and resolve in a stranger named Keogx from the pain of missing the soldier she felt had her back and unknowingly more parts of her heart.

EXCERPT At the walls of the Headquarters, Xuca and Joie stood. “It is our once leader. Where have you been? The S.S Council have been looking for you,” said the Guard soldier. Xuca looked at him and said, “I am here now. May I enter?”

“Who is the company?” asked the Guard soldier.

“Just a portal passer. She entered our era a few days ago. She needs to take shelter immediately,” replied Xuca.

The guard stared at her for a while then back at Xuca and said, “You may now enter the gates of this headquarters,” said the guard standing aside holding his spear.

“Thanks,” said Xuca walking through. After a moment Xuca then turned to notice that she was still standing outside the gate.

“Come Joie,” he said waiting for her. She stared at him for a while questioningly, then began to walk forward. The gates then shut. The two walked side by side as they headed past the extensive entrance and out into the open fields, stretching before the immense headquarters of the Rebel Base. Although not as huge as the S.O headquarters, it was significantly growing in power and size as an organization. It was a former sector of the S.O that split from after leaving behind ideologies of the preceding military for future regulations and a new mission for preserving time. They continued towards the doors of the headquarters. She looked over at him now noticing his look of unease. She holds his hand and asked, “What is wrong? Are you ok?”

“I am fine, I’m just…...a little exhausted,” he said.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, of course....Joie,” he replied.

Then he thought to himself, “I can’t let him find out that she is here. I must get her to her to a room before she is noticed. She could feel his hands slight tensing.

“Let’s just get you to safety,” he said. Soon the two arrived at the main entrance of the headquarters. The halls were wide and soldiers occupying the busy loud halls. As the new arrivals moved through the crowds, he remain very cautious. Xuca knew that if his commander found out that he failed the mission, things may not turn out so great. Not long after, he catches sight of the man he dreaded to see at the moment.

“It’s him!” said Xuca lowly.

“Who?” She replied. “Nothing. Just come this way” he pulls her by the arm in another direction, cutting the crowd to another hall, pulling her along.

The soldier however caught sight of Xuca and tried to make his way through the crowd but soon lost him. He stood looking around throughout the crowd for Xuca and then walked away.

Xuca brings Joie down into a room and is about to close the door when she held his arm and said, “Where are you going?”

“I’ back,” He said rushing.

He runs back into the main hall. He tried to get to his room before he saw him and got the chance to question him.

Joie stood staring at the shut door.

“Oh, what a dirty trick,” she said sliding down to a sitting position with her back against the door. She sighed rubbing her face down stressfully with her hands.

She then said, “Where are you going now?”

When Xuca finally arrived in his room he backs in and watching out for him carefully. Then closes the door and looks out the peephole to be sure he didn’t follow him. With a sigh of relief Xuca says, “I wasn’t seen.” Xuca exhaled in relief, leaning on the door.

“So did it go?” Xuca heard coming from behind him in the room.

Xuca quickly turns around. He stared in shock and said nervously,

“How…when… did you…!?”

“When did I get in here? Oh, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is why I am here,” replied Keogx.

“It’s about the mission, isn’t it?” asked Xuca.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I am Ada Stone and have been writing since high school and interested in societal problems and of course, fiction. The ability to make up a world and share it means a great deal as the real world is what it is.


Ada Stone will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner
via rafflecopter during the tour.

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