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Arachana: The Chronicles of Malick by William Harris - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Science Fiction/Colonization/Science Fantasy
Date Published: 12/5/19
Publisher: Chandra Press

The adventure continues in the second book of the Chronicles of Malick Series.

Reunited, Malick and the crew of the Pioneer embark on a new adventure to solve the mystery of the Domes. The Domes make it possible to travel vast distances instantly. But where do they go and how do they work? Their quest leads them to an abandoned civilization. It’s citizens are gone and have left no clue as to why they left of where they went. The capital of this far reaching society is meticulously maintained by sentient robots who offer little information.

Something happened in Arachana that led to the disappearance of an entire species. As Malick and the crew attempt to find answers, they are drawn deeper into the mechanical heart of the city. When Malick vanishes and the robots suddenly turn against them, can Nep, Daxx,Trell, and the rest of the rest of the team put the pieces together before it’s too late?


Malick passed through the resistance, as a ghost would walk through a wall. He was halfway to the pillar when he noticed Kitty walking beside him.
I said to wait behind the resistant field.
Kitty stay.
I may need to move quickly, and I don’t want to worry about you.
Kitty stay.
Frustrated, he proceeded toward the green pillar resigned to the fact Kitty was following him. The dome was much bigger than he had previously thought. He continued for what seemed to be hundreds of feet before finally coming to a stop in front of the pillar. The pillar was actually an obelisk—a single, triangular, emerald crystal standing ten feet tall and three feet wide. A carving of an equilateral triangle rested just above his head. A relief of a bird similar to the one on his medallion rested within the triangle. Below his shoulders was a carving matching his medallion in the emerald. Another carving—this one of a flower with many shoots—sat just below the bird likeness. The shoots laid outstretched from its stem. The obelisk revealed no other markings. Curious, he held up his medallion to the crystal and placed it within the engraving—it was a perfect match. The obelisk flashed a brilliant green, blinding him momentarily as he yanked his medallion free of the pillar.

Kitty see only green.
I know. It blinded me for a minute too. I’m not sure what was supposed to happen, if anything. I hoped for another vault of information. Maybe even the appearance of the One.
Kitty see nothing.
I don’t see any differences either. The pillar remains the same.
No. Kitty sees no friends.

Whirling around, he saw only an empty dome. He ran swiftly back through the invisible field, continuing through the open doorway as sand stung his eyes and wind ripped at his clothes.

Malick saw no one.

Plodding back into the dome, he raised his eyes. His sole companion was his cat.
Where little metal friends? Where silver eyes?
I don’t know. I see no trace of them outside.
Kitty can’t hunt. Little metal friends hide good.
As Kitty stared at the floor, he did too. His footfalls and those of his cat made the only prints in the sand. Not even a single latent infrared print to indicate his group had ever passed through the portal remained.

It was as if they had never existed.

Malick muttered a single word.


About the Author

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The author spent his childhood in Colorado skiing and riding dirt bikes.  After spending way too much time in college, he took his engineering degree to the deserts of southern California.   After retiring to the mountains of northwest to play golf, his wife dared him to write a book.  The rest, as they say, is history.

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