Bottle Toss 
by Howard Odentz 
Genre: YA Horror, Thriller, Suspense 

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books 
Publication Date: October 29, 2019

A beer bottle thrown carelessly at the windshield of a passing car sends the vehicle careening off the road, and the lives of high school seniors Denny Ford, his foster sister Jen McKnatt, and her sometimes boyfriend Brody Erwin, spinning out of control. 

Over the next several days as the three experience increasingly bizarre, frightening, and seemingly unrelated events, they are forced to examine the ramifications of their actions and how their lives have been irrevocably altered. 

What they've done can never be undone. 

After all, it only takes one bottle toss to turn their world cockeyed forever. 

Praise for Howard Odentz 

“A simmering psychological thriller bolstered by a dynamic narrative voice and a few unexpected twists.” —Kirkus Reviews on What We Kill 

“This author has a real knack for the weird and the wonderful.” — 

Okay, first off, let me preface my review by saying this: If you have an overactive imagination, a fear of the dark, and you're a weirdo like me and find goats absolutely terrifying, do not read this book at night. Seriously. I made that mistake, and I basically spent the rest of the night not sleeping and imagining all sorts of terrifying things were sitting in the tree outside my bedroom window peeking in at me. Also, this book sent my anxiety skyrocketing through the stratosphere, so there's that.
Bottle Toss is the story of three teenagers -- Brody, Jen, and Denny -- who decide to do something stupid (like toss a bottle at the windshield of a passing car), and by doing so, they completely change their lives forever.
This book is definitely strange. I honestly had no idea where this story was going. At first I thought it might have an 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' sort of vibe to it. Then I thought maybe it was ghosts trapped in a loop. Then I was like, "What is happening here?!" It definitely kept me guessing and had me on the edge of my seat.
I definitely didn't care for Brody. Or his dad, for that matter. Jen also annoyed me at times. I just wanted her to be a better person. As for Denny, I could relate to him with his whole anxiety issue. He was also a decent person overall. He cared a lot about Jen, even when she was being stupid. And he absolutely doted on Arnie, the other foster kid in their home (he has Downs). I liked that Denny was just a good human being. And Mona, their foster mom, was just...Mona. I was a bit indifferent to her. She cared about them, but not as much as she should have, I suppose.
If you're a fan of YA horror that will keep you guessing until the very end (and surprise you with the way it does end), you'll want to give Bottle Toss a whirl. It's a refreshing, unique story.
4.5 stars from me!

Author and playwright Howard Odentz is a lifelong resident of the gray area between Western Massachusetts and North Central Connecticut. His love of the region is evident in his writing as he often incorporates the foothills of the Berkshires and the small towns of the Bay and Nutmeg states into his work. 

In addition to The Dead (A Lot) Series, he has written the horror novel Bloody Bloody Apple, the short story collection Little Killers A to Z, and a couple of horror-themed, musical comedies produced for the stage. 

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