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Canadian Dreadful by Various Authors - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Canadian Dreadful

Genre: Horror Anthology

with stories by

David Tocher, Nancy Kilpatrick, Caitlin Marceau, Tyner Gillies,

Jen Frankel, Pat Flewwelling, Repo Kempt, Colleen Anderson, Karen Dales

Judith Baron, Vanessa C Hawkins, Joe Powers, Robin Rowland, Sarah C Walker 

"CANADIAN DREADFUL showcases some of Canada’s best voices in horror fiction.
This anthology is a harrowing tour of the northern landscape that
will leave you both dazzled and terrified." ~David Morrell, New
York Times best-selling author of Murder as a Fine Art

In the pages of this anthology, you will not find the Canada you are
accustomed to, nor a Canada that the world has grown to know and
love. Between the covers, you will discover a dark landscape that
will challenge your perspective. From sea to shining sea, stories of
a darker Canada will arise, and within them all a kernel of truth.
Stories of sacrifice, cannibalism, ghosts, and mystical forests, the
authors will plunge you into the country that is Canadian Dreadful.

AUTHORS: Colleen Anderson, Judith Baron, Karen Dales, Pat Flewwelling, Jen Frankel,
Tyner Gillies, Vanessa C Hawkins, Repo Kempt, Nancy Kilpatrick,
Caitlin Marceau, Joe Powers, Robin Rowland, David Tocher, and Sara C Walker.

Canadian Dreadful is a collection of short horror stories all set in Canada. There's a decent amount of variety within these pages as well. From strange sea creatures to ghosts, to everything in between, there's something that will appeal to every type of reader. I think my favorite story was Rebecca Raven. While not necessarily scary, it still packed a punch. It actually made me sad. Kind of like the horror movie Mama. I found that to be more depressing than scary. Rebecca Raven had the same sort of vibe to it. I also enjoyed Memories of Miss Mindy Tulane. That one was unique. 
There were stories in this collection I didn't really care for or resonate with, but I'm sure other readers will perhaps consider those a favorite instead. Like I said before, there's something for everyone in this collection of stories.
Overall, not a bad anthology. 3.5 stars from me.

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