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Parallel by L.J. Bacon - Book Tour

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Parallel by L. J. Bacon

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Have you ever had an incredibly vivid dream?

A dream so real that you can feel, taste and smell the world around you?

Déjà vu is a feeling which all too clearly tells you that you’re going somewhere you’ve been before, or experiencing something you know has happened to you already. Jacob knew that his weird dreams were much more significant than that.

When Jacob suddenly realises that the life he’s living isn’t his only life, he will have to uncover ancient truths and the schism that changed mankind’s history forever. He must determine the point at which the parallel world was created; the world the other version of Jacob inhabits.

He must discover who is controlling these split universes and why, before it’s too late.

Information about the Book
Title: Parallel
Author: L J Bacon
Release Date: 26th November 2019
Genre: Thriller
Page Count: 334
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Have you ever looked up at the nights sky and thought, with so many stars we can’t be the only planet with life such as ours? What if I was to say our planet isn’t the only one with life, in fact what if I was to say we are living part of a parallel life on ours! Unbeknownst to us we have a second existence on another planet in another universe, and what happens there affects us here, and vice versa, how do I know this, you may ask, well, until a month ago I didn’t know any of these things, I was just like you going about my days like any other person.
I woke as normal, at 7 am Thursday morning, had a shower and then got myself dressed, then had a coffee with some toast and was ready for the day ahead.
I live and work in a Dojo, with Mr. Mechin, first name Sato.
After my parent’s deaths, when I was only six, he took me-in and raised me as his own son, he is a very wise older man with long grey hair and thin goatee beard, slim in build and only 5/6 tall, but what an amazing martial artist, very disciplined respectful and full of honour. If all men were like this man, the world would be a much better place.
I’m not too sure how old he is, he has never said, I’m not too sure how it was he became my surrogate father, all he has ever said to me is that he knew my parents very well, and that their deaths were devastating to him, and thought it the right thing to do, to take me into his care and raise me. I can’t remember much of my parents, even their faces are a blur to me now.
Anyway, I went downstairs to the Dojo, and as usual Sato was there preparing for the days lessons, he greeted me in his usual manner, “Good morning Jacob my son how are you this morning?” To which I replied, “I am very well thank you, apart from another strange dream last night!” Sato replied, “Oh really, explain it to me.”
I had been having strange and very vivid dreams for about a week, Sato was very interested in them, and would have me try my best to recall them for him in great detail; it was as if they meant something to him.
So I closed my eyes and began to explain what I could remember; “It seemed so real. I was on another world the sky was dark and seemed to have two moons, the land was mountainous and black, there were these creatures, they looked almost human but were deformed.”
“Their skin was dark and shining in the moon light, their heads were bald and disfigured, some had eyes of red and others of yellow, with bodies very muscular and powerful looking, with hands that have claws instead of fingernails.”
“There was one standing in the center of a silver circle, then there was a huge flash of light which came from the sky, almost like a bolt of lightning but it lasted about a minute! And when it had raised back to the sky the creature was gone!
“The rest of these creatures started to go crazy in celebration, then I was back in our world, but now I wasn’t me! I was a woman and I was fighting this creature that I had watched disappear into the light, I was wounded and running for my life! I had a sword in my hand, its blade was covered with what I can only explain as black tar, then the dream suddenly ended, and I woke sweating and feeling very afraid!”
When I opened my eyes, I could see Sato looked worried, almost afraid, his head and shoulders dropped as he said in a very quiet, almost a whispered voice; “Thank you for telling me.” I replied, “What is wrong, you look concerned by what I have told you, it’s just a dream!” To which he replied in a very soft but concerned voice, “Yes just a dream, a dream, a nightmare,” as he slowly turned and started to walk away with his head dropped and shaking from side to side, I placed my hand on his right shoulder and asked, “What is wrong?” He was silent for a few moments, then turned and said, “It would appear the time has come for you to know all I have to tell, I hope I have prepared you well for what is about to come.” Then he said; “We should sit and I shall begin,” as he said this I felt a shiver up my spine, I have never seen him like this, so much concern on his face and the tone of his voice was like that of a man who had the world on his shoulders.
We sat on a training mat, he looked at me and smiled saying; “Where do I begin?” Then continued; “This may be hard for you to except at first.” Then with a deep breath; “I am not from your universe, I am from another planet much like earth, but in another dimension, in the past we visited your earth, to help your people evolve as we have.”

Author Information
Hi I’m lee, I was born May 1969 and raised along with my younger sister Dawn by our young mum in Barrington Road Brixton.
I went to Loughborough junior school where I didn’t do too well due to my being Dyslexic, back then Dyslexia wasn’t as recognised as it is now, and so I was seen as a disinterested or naughty child and so left to stare out the window with my mind full of magical creatures and locations. I would sit in my own little world having little imaginary adventures, but even so I still wished I could read all the books the other children were reading, but for me at that time it wasn’t possible, I loved the look of the books and the way they smelled and felt as I turned the pages but I couldn’t read them, and when asked to read in class as the other children did I would try but didn’t have a clue what I was looking at, I didn’t even know the letter sounds, my dyslexia didn’t allow me to remember them. And so, the children would laugh as I tried to sound the words out, and then I would just shut-down with embarrassment and clam up, I felt so ashamed.
When I went to secondary school it was much the same, I went to Henry Thornton boys school Clapham. The system couldn’t seem to help me, but I was clever with my hands and after school and weekends I would work in the garages at Loughborough junction railway arches where I learned a trade, the automotive repair trade, I was 12 years old when I started. I was striping and rebuilding crashed cars and loving it.
Back at school bulling was becoming a real problem so bad in-fact that I reacted when a bully had me cornered in the toilets stamping on my toes with football boots on, I had plimsolls on so you can imagine the pain was excruciating, I exploded and battered the bully, big mistake, the bully was very well connected and knew every other bully in the school and I was their target now. I was actually warned by a good friend that the bullies were after me and intended to do me real damage.
We were sitting in registration when about ten of the bullies stormed the class grabbed me and tried to drag me out the class kicking and punching me, the teacher just screamed for help, next thing I knew I was surrounded by teachers, in the brake time I was taken to the teachers tea room for my safety, and yet the bullies would still try and get me, they would open the door and shout we want Lee Bacon. In the end I was driven home by a teacher and another school official, they told my mum it was unsafe for me to return to school, and so at 15 I was taken out of school and left to it.
At 18 I passed my driving test first time and managed to land myself a job as a mobile windscreen technician which I still do to this day. I wanted to learn to read, so when I wasn’t working, I enrolled on an adult education course for English. And a big surprise to me I passed. Filled with confidence I wanted more than to be a windscreen tech, and so I started my own windscreen company (1st Choice Windscreen) which was doing very well until the insurance companies decided to use the major companies only, which put hundreds of us smaller companies out of business almost overnight.
It was when I lost my business that I started to have this story coming to the fore of my mind, the story was about a parallel existence, it was like a film in my head, I would try and write what I was seeing but due to losing my business I had to return to one of the major companies as a mobile tech, I was working 12 hours or more a day and sometimes 6 days a week which left me exhausted.
As for my dyslexia, I can now read any word put in front of me, but my dyslexia doesn’t allow me to remember them, so I struggle with spelling, but I find ways around this by using dictionaries and now thank god spell check, thank God for iPad, it checks my spelling as I write, and this is how I have managed to get the pictures from my head to a now published book, oh and this was also helped by an injury I suffered at work which put me out of work but enabled me to write PARALLEL, I see this as an act of God, meant to be, I was meant to wright this story and the next which I am working on now.
I find it incredible this boy that couldn’t even sound out the letters of the alphabet whilst at school and many years after, has suddenly been given the gift to write a book, and this is just the first.
I have now recovered from my injury and have now returned to working as a mobile windscreen technician, but continue to write the second book of Parallel.
I hope you enjoy my book.

Tour Schedule
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