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The Dog Ate My Homework by Aaron James - Book Tour & Review

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The Dog Ate My Homework
by Aaron James

The Dog Ate My Homework by Aaron James is a collection of short poems that will capture your imagination. Filled with fun stories that make you think, laugh and tell your friends.
Do you remember your first day at school?
Or when you tried to convince your teacher you actually done your homework?
Or the excitement you felt when you bought your new pair of trainers?
In The Dog Ate My Homework you will get a chance to read all these stories and many more!

Information about the Book
Title: The Dog Ate My Homework
Author: Aaron James
Release Date: 20th February 2018
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 18
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
The Dog Ate My Homework is a cute children's book full of silly poems about different things.
The titular poem is about a kid who tries to convince his teacher his dog did, in fact, eat his homework.
Another poem is about a kid's love for blue sneakers. There's a poem about sports, school dinners,
and even the first day of school.
The rhyming is fun and easy-to-read. The illustrations are pretty nifty, too.
My son enjoyed listening to me read the poems aloud to him, and he wanted to read it over and over
quite a few times. He even tried to read it himself (he's 4).
I'd recommend this book to early readers and parents who enjoy reading to their kiddos.
4 stars!

Author Information
Born and raised in Tottenham, North London and today living in Bromley, South London with his wife, Aaron James works as a poet and spoken word artist. The Dog Ate My Homework is his first children’s poetry book.

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