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The Pain Colony by Shanon Hunt - Audio Book Tour + Giveaway

Audiobook Tour: The Pain Colony by Shanon Hunt

Author: Shanon Hunt

Narrators: Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard

Length: 14 hours 7 minutes

Publisher: Narrow Ledge Publishing

Released: Oct. 21, 2019

Genre: Horror

Six dead bodies with one disturbing similarity. An illicit genetic experiment. A secret society of true believers willing to do whatever it takes to become Pure.

And this is only the beginning.

DEA Special Agent Peter Malloy is no stranger to the devastating impact of drugs. So when six bodies turn up with surgical ports implanted in their spines, he's sure a potent new opioid is the culprit. But when lab tests show zero evidence of any known narcotics, he fears something far more sinister.

Allison Stevens thought she knew everything about her boss. But after he disappears, she's stunned to discover his secret genetic research in pain tolerance. When she becomes the target of the FBI's investigation, Allison has only one move. She must expose his illegal experiment. There's just one problem. Some secrets will be protected at any cost.

As Malloy and Allison get closer to the truth, they begin to realize they're about to uncover the most chilling medical discovery in human history.

If it doesn't get them killed.

The Pain Colony is a gripping suspense thriller--you'll be plunged into terrifying twists of modern science, chilling tension, and shocking revelations that will leave you breathless.

"A nail-biting page-turner you can't put down!" --BookTrib

"A shocking finale that even jaded readers won't see coming!" --BookLife

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As a former pharmaceutical executive of 15 years, Shanon Hunt has firsthand experience with cutting edge medical advances. But it wasn't until she took an interest in CRISPR and the near future implications of genetic engineering that she became inspired to write a suspense thriller.

When she's not plotting her next story, she enjoys being tormented by her frisbee-obsessed Australian Shepherd, hiking the wilds of northern New Jersey, and canyoneering in southern Utah with her husband, Steve. She lives in suburban New Jersey with Steve and their two teenage sons, Nick and Ben.
Narrator Bio

Erin deWard is an Audie Award winning audiobook narrator and a classically trained stage actor. She is a long-time company member of The Strange Bedfellows, a Rockland County, NY based Shakespeare company and can be found directing, assisting another director, or on the lighting board for The Children’s Shakespeare Theatre in Rockland County, NY. She also directs English Language dubbing for IDC in New York. Erin has been working in the field of Audio Description (media accessibility for people who are blind) as a writer, voice talent, advocate, and trainer for over a decade. She is a proud and grateful member of SAG/AFTRA.
Narrator Bio

Family lore has it that, when I was three years old, my parents took my two older brothers and me on a vacation to Puerto Rico. At some point during the sojourn, my parents ... well ... they lost me on the beach. After searching, frantically, (Or not, as the case may be. I mean, they DID lose me in the first place.) they found me in the hotel bar, sitting on a hooker's lap, telling a story to a sailor. And THAT is when my life in performance & yarn-spinning began.

The rest of my life has pretty much followed suit. Telling stories and becoming characters. I have over 40 years experience as a stage, film/TV actor and singer/songwriter/musician. And now, with over 325 audiobook titles, I'm so passionate about this industry - a medium that allows me to be immersed, for hours and hours, in wonderful characters and their tales. I'm grateful for the authors, narrators, & productions companies with which I work and so thankful for all the listeners!
Guest Post
Shanon Hunt Shares a Fun fact about The Pain Colony Book Cover
As the book was going through its editorial reviews, I worked diligently on my author profile. I built a website, set up social media pages, all that publicity and marketing activities. Of course, they all request a photo, but I had a really bad profile picture, literally a capture of my head from a family photo. So I asked a friend/photographer, Catherine Babin, to do an author photo shoot.

The photo shoot went was terrific. I took a dozen different “professional” photos, but I also wanted some photos of a colonist (a character type from the book) that I could use for marketing material. I bought white linen pants and a shirt, and took several photos in various creepy poses.

Right about this time, my cover designer was looking for the perfect female colonist image to put on the cover, and we couldn’t find anything in stock photos. I considered some of my shots from the photo shoot, but none were right. I wanted a picture of my character Layla on the cover, and she’s much thinner than me.

So, I bought a long blonde wig for $20, and ran back over to Catherine’s studio. She put on the white linen pants and shirt (we had to pin them behind her) and the wig, and her assistant took a dozen more poses. I selected the angry, clenched fist photo from that shoot, and now Catherine lives on as both the photographer and the model of The Pain Colony cover.

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