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Touched by the Fire of the Sun by LeVar Ravel - Guest Blogger Book Review

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She doesn't know who her boyfriend really is…or what he really is…

Welcome to a high-tech future full of old-fashioned problems like greed, lies, and boyfriend trouble.

Zelda Sibelius is a superstar scientist for a solar energy company, just the right job for a warm-hearted woman with hair the color of sunlight. Like the sun, Zelda is hot stuff, but her good looks fail to bring her happiness. Expecting an airhead with her mind on earthly pleasures, Zelda's boyfriends instead find an awkwardly funny nerd who owns two pet rats and who set the world record in a pumpkin-launching contest. Serial break-ups leave Zelda worried about who she is and where she's going.

An unlikely Casanova gives her a new chance at love. No one would call security consultant Clovis Faylwell handsome, and for such a young man, his hair is pure white everywhere from head to knuckles. But when Zelda's company hires him, he quickly subjects her to his slick charm.

Little does she know that her new boyfriend is a series of superhuman clones, created and commanded by Dr. Futuresmith, a diabolical mastermind with ambitious ideas for the world. Their mission: use Zelda to get closer to her company and steal its secrets.

But missions don't always go according to plan. A superhuman clone has weak points—both physical and emotional. Is the clones' phony romance turning into the real thing? Can Futuresmith keep his cloned henchmen under control? Will these stone cold criminals be Zelda's ruin, or will they get Touched by the Fire of the Sun ?

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Jennifer's Review
Touched by the Fire of the Sun is a very good book. 
It's about a woman named Zelda, who works for Souler Systems, and one day meets a guy from another company who was recruited to help with security.
Later on, Zelda finds out he is a spy stealing secrets for a scientist who created him. 
What exactly is the guy named Clovis? What happens when he is found out? 
This book deserves 4 stars.

Author Bio
Irish and American author LeVar Ravel specializes in fantasy fiction. He also writes in other genres like sci-fi, literary drama, and psychological suspense. From fantasy to realism, from comedy to drama, and everywhere in between, all his tales share one goal in common: to tell you an entertaining story with writing you can sink your teeth into.

By himself, he writes for general audiences. A talented team of co-authors helps him write stories for specific age groups: children's novelist L.L. Keets, teen/YA author Clark Hill, and Sam Summerlee, who writes for older readers.

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