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When Sally Comes Marching Home by Richard Milton - Guest Blogger Book Review

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In 1945, World War II is ending. For Major Sally Honeychurch the war is just beginning.

Major Sally Honeychurch has spent two years as an agent behind enemy lines. Now the war is over, the women who risked their lives are no longer needed. Sally is back in civvy street, haunted by the French Resistance lover who died in her arms.

When terrorists smuggle an atomic bomb into London, the Head of MI6 urgently summons her for one more mission. Sally has inside knowledge few possess. She was there when the first atom bomb was assembled and detonated.

Sally is the only woman among hundreds of soldiers and intelligence agents hunting the terrorists. And she uncovers a clue to their identity that will rock the establishment to its foundations. To save London, she must not only track down the conspirators, she must also battle the prejudices of the men in charge.

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Jennifer's Review
When Sally Comes Marching Home is a good book about a woman named Sally who, after being in the war, tries to reclaim her life but is soon sent on a mission to find out who is trying to make another atomic bomb. 
During her investigation, she finds suspects and then has to prove it to her higher-ups. 
Who is behind it and why? A good book if you like wars.
4 stars.

Author Bio
Richard Milton is a journalist and writer who writes stories most sensible people wouldn't touch with a bargepole.

His best-selling critique of Darwinism as an ideology, Shattering the Myths of Darwinism, caused a storm of controversy. His study of Anglo-German relations, Best of Enemies, has been turned into a film for German and British television. His latest non-fiction title, The Ministry of Spin, reveals how the Post-war Labour government used the facilities of the wartime Ministry of Information in secret for propaganda purposes.
His book about corporate misbehaviour, Bad Company, was chosen by The Sunday Times as its Book of The Week.

Milton also writes offbeat fiction: Dead Secret, is a mystery of the paranormal in everyday life. Investigative journalist Tony Gabriel stumbles onto his biggest ever story when he inherits the papers of a long-dead historian - and finds himself the target of an ancient secret society. Are they just rich, powerful people playing an elaborate game, or have they truly gained the power to see into the future?

His book, The Glass Harmonica, is a mystery thriller. Concert pianist Julia Franklin is heir to an inheritance worth a billion dollars - enough to bankrupt America's oldest bank when the trust matures. Miles Bartholemew, of Bartholemew Equity and Trust, has to find the heirs of the Franklin trust and deal with them permanently, before his family's bank is ruined.

A third crime thriller is, Conjuring For Beginners. When legendary con-artist Ferdy Daniels dies alone and penniless, his daughter, Rosa, inherits his victims, who are convinced she was his partner in crime. To keep one jump ahead of them - and stay alive - Rosa must unravel Ferdy's web of deceits. But to re-trace her father's footsteps, she must learn to become as quick-witted and cunning as Ferdy, the master magician.

Finally, True Stories: Mysteries of Crime and Punishment, is a collection of short stories with a difference. Every story in the book is true - except one. Some tell of crimes that have gone unpunished by the law. Some are crimes against laws that are unwritten. And some are crimes that exist only in the mind.

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