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133 Hours by Zach Abrams - Book Blitz

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133 Hours

Arriving at work to find she’s lost more than five-and-a-half days (133 hours), Briony Chaplin, has no recollection of where she’d been or what had happened to her. She is distraught. Has she been ill, or had a breakdown, or could she have been drugged and abducted?
Doubting her own sanity, Briony is fearful of what she’ll find. Yet she’s driven to discover the truth. When she trawls her memories, she’s terrified by visions, believing she may have been abused and raped.
Assisted by her friends Alesha and Jenny, and supported by a retired detective, she’s determined to learn where she’s been and why.

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Author Q&A
1. What is the first book that made you cry?

I don’t have a specific recollection of the title. However, I grew up in the days when corporal punishment at school was commonplace and teachers could get away with walloping you on the back of the head with a textbook if you answered a question wrong. I reckon that will probably have been the first time a book brought me to tears.
The first book which created a tearful emotional response was a picture book of the Disney classic, Bambi.
2. How long, on average, does it take you to write a book?
On average, I reckon five – six months from start to submission stage. Each of my books has been different. The first draft of my first book, Ring Fenced, only took five weeks to write but then several months to bring to a presentable condition. My new thriller, ‘133 Hours’ took about three months but was ready for presentation after another two.
3. How do you select the names of your characters?
I don’t have a particular way for selecting names. I choose based on what I think is a good name for the personality of the character but sometimes go back afterwards to make a change if I think the fit isn’t right or if I’ve inadvertently created confusion by using similar names for different people.
4. What creature do you consider your "spirit animal" to be?
To be honest, I was unfamiliar with the term ‘spirit animal’ so I tried an online test which told me I was a wolf. It surprised me as I wouldn’t have categorised myself that way before - but you can’t argue with the internet???
5. What are your top 5 favorite movies?
I love many movies and for different reasons. It’s difficult to narrow down my selection to five, but for the purpose of the exercise:  –
The Godfather – one of the all-time greats
Jurassic Park – so innovative for its time
It’s a Wonderful Life – classic nostalgia
Psycho – the start of a genre
Little Shop of Horrors – just for fun
6. If you were the last person on Earth, what would you do?
Difficult question. First, I’d check to make sure there was no-one else on earth or anywhere else in the universe I could communicate with. If that proved fruitless then I guess I would read – because there wouldn’t be much point writing.
7. What fictional character would you want to be friends with in real life?
It would have to be Sherlock Holmes. A flawed character with a brilliant mind
8. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Don’t obsess over perfecting your first draft as you’re writing. Instead get your story down then come back and edit it.
 I say this because I know a number of very good writers who can never complete a project because they obsess over making the first sentence/paragraph/chapter perfect and by the time they’re sufficiently happy with it they’ve lost heart. I believe it’s necessary to keep momentum.
9. What book do you wish you had written?
From a commercial point of view, I would love to earn the royalties from The Da Vinci Code or the Harry Potter series, however from an artistic and influential viewpoint, I’d chose To Kill a Mockingbird.

10. Tell us 10 fun facts about yourself! 
Please choose which of the 10 you wish want to answer, and if they want to answer all 10 questions, then that is also good too.
1 I once worked on an ostrich farm (in Scotland).
2 I love to travel
3 Although based in Scotland, I live about four months each year in France
4 A number of years ago, my family and I purchased a small piece of land in Stirlingshire and planted over 1,600 native hardwood trees – for education and to help the environment
5 I love to play with my five-year–old grandson with his Lego and toy trains
6 I was once, treasurer of my local branch of the Magic Circle.
7 Once when I drove from Central Scotland to the South of France (about 2,000km), I broke down on the French motorway because I ran out of fuel
8 While studying science at university, I accidentally set fire to the chemistry laboratory
9 I like listening to symphonic metal
10 I never learned how to ride a bike.

Author Bio –
Having the background of a successful career in commerce and finance, Zach Abrams has spent many years writing reports, letters and presentations and it's only fairly recently he started writing novels. "It's a more honourable type of fiction," he declares.

Writer of the Alex Warren Murder Mystery series, set in Scotland, Zach has also written the psychological thriller 'Ring Fenced' and the financial thriller 'Source', as well as collaborating with Elly Grant on a book of short stories. 

Zach is currently producing a non-fiction series to help small businesses -using the collective title 'Mind Your Own Business'. The first, 'So, You Think You Want to be a Landlord' is already available.

Social Media Links –
Twitter: @authorway

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