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A Reason to Grieve by Mick Williams - Book Tour

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A Reason to Grieve

Tom and Emma drift through life, both burdened with a heavy sense of grief. Both have suffered devastating loss and have closed themselves off to the possibility of happiness. Then, at a funeral, their eyes meet and they feel something neither expected.
Supported by their quirky friends and a ‘right to the point’ pensioner, will they overcome their fears and find the solution to the pain within each other, or will they give up and go their separate ways?
In turns funny and sad, A Reason to Grieve is a romantic tale about two people fighting their feelings, about love and loss. And about funerals.
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Author Q&A
1. What is the first book that made you cry?If you count crying for the right reasons, it was a Garfield comic strip book! I can still picture the image…Garfield, in John’s car, bouncing up and down and trying to stress to John how badly he needed a litter box. It didn’t end well, and I laughed so hard that I had tears streaming down my face.

I’ve only recently shed sad tears at a book and, surprisingly, it was written by Stephen King. 11/22/63 is an excellent book and is definitely not a horror story, but a twisting and weaving time travel love story. Not many people write characters like Stephen King, and this book is full of gorgeous moments.
2. How long, on average, does it take you to write a book?They’ve all been different! I’ve written six books so far and I’ve approached each one differently (I wish I could work out this writing malarkey once and for all!!). If I do my research ahead of time, I can write a book in about three months. Callie’s Eyes was a very quick write since I got the idea from a dream that was so vivid, all the characters were born right there. On the other hand, the latest (Hope’s Game) took a year due to changes in both the book and my life. And, since I don’t seem able to do anything easily, I’m currently writing two at the same time…who knows how long they’ll take!
3. How do you select the names of your characters?I find that if I ‘cast’ my characters, it makes it easier to remember them and their characteristics. Then, I pick a name that suits the character. You know how it is, you can look at someone and say “Yep, he looks like an Alan” or “She looks like a Julie”. A lot of the surnames come from family or friends of mine…they’re the characters that normally survive 😊
4. What creature do you consider your "spirit animal" to be?Haha – he’s lying beside me as I’m typing this. While I’ve always loved animals, I’ve never really been a pet person. Five years ago, I was adopted by a gorgeous cat in Kentucky. He found me in the deepest of winter, dirty and crawling with ear-mites and he’s been here ever since. He’s named Thud and he’s actually pictured helping me write A Guy Walks into a Bar on the back of that very book! So, a cat!
5. What are your top 5 favorite movies?Wow, that’s a tricky question. I love a good movie and there are so many to choose from. This would probably change weekly, but if you cornered me and made me choose then, off the top of my head – High Fidelity (great story and soundtrack and John Cusack is cool!), Begin Again (another cool soundtrack and great story), Love Actually (there’s a pattern emerging here…great soundtrack and a lovely spirit), This Means War (action, comedy and another good soundtrack) and Die Hard (a film filled with great characters, loads of action, and the late, great Alan Rickman playing one of the best bad guys ever!)
6. If you were the last person on Earth, what would you do?Panic!! Assuming all technology still worked, I’d teach myself to fly and then go in search of the other last person. I’d feel I owed it to the human race to try to keep us going. If all tech had failed, I’d get myself to Loretto, move into the Maker’s Mark distillery and see out the rest of my days in there!
7. What fictional character would you want to be friends with in real life?That’s a hard question! I suppose it would depend on my motivation! The easy answer is Rob Gordon from High Fidelity. We could hang out together in his record store and put the world to rights with our own list of Top 5’s.  Or Lee Child’s Reacher…he travels America without a worry in the world! On a deeper level, maybe Darth Vader! I could try to lead him down the correct path and save all those Rebel Alliance guys!!
8. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?Keep writing and read loads. Reading is writery homework, seeing how the other guys put their stories together. And write. Always. Even if it seems like rubbish, it’s still exercising the brain. It’s like any other muscle…exercise makes it stronger…and you’d be amazed at the golden nuggets you can pull from a page of junk!
9. What book do you wish you had written?Good grief! Where to start?? The Reacher books for consistency. And the previously mentioned 11/22/63…if I could write one book as good as that I’d probably quit and finish right there!
10. Tell us 10 fun facts about yourself! :)10? That might be a struggle! Here’s five…I can type faster than I can write…and it’s much more legible! I’ve lived in more properties in the last three years than I have in the past ten. I went from not being a huge cat fan to having two who run the house! My first job in America was delivering appliances. For some reason, they trusted the English guy to take a large truck, filled with thousands of dollars of equipment, onto the wrong side of the road, driving on the wrong side of the truck! I didn’t hit any mailboxes, but I did kill a basketball goal! Oh, and I can’t dance to save my life. This kid’s got no rhythm!!

Author Bio – Mick Williams moved from Stoke-On-Trent, England to Kentucky, USA. Then, after almost a decade, he moved back.
In between reading, writing and listening to good music he still watches proper football and, for his sins, follows his local team Port Vale. He does also still cheer for the Indianapolis Colts.
He was adopted by two cats, Crash and Thud, and resides with his patient wife in Staffordshire.
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