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Fated Mates Series by Lilli Carlisle - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Fated Mates Book 1 
by Lilli Carlisle 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group 
Publication Date: November 16, 2017

Caged her whole life, Raz escapes only to find herself caught in a tender trap created by the Alpha and Beta of the North Woods pack. 


If only Raz had kept running, she wouldn't have wound up on wolf pack lands putting herself in double danger. A three-hundred pound Bengal tiger shifter, Raz had been caged for as long as she can remember; tortured, beaten and used for sport. Finally, she's escaped, but the hunters are hot on her heels, and she's racing against time. When she heard the wolf pups' cries, Raz couldn't help herself; she went to their rescue even knowing that her trespass could mean her life. Now she's wedged between the Alpha and Beta of the North Woods pack, and they're insisting she's their True Mate. 

Fated Mates Book 2
Publication Date: October 4, 2018


There’s a war coming in the shifter world, a tear in the veil that separates good and evil, and the reincarnation of ancient goddesses heralds the preparations for the battles ahead. Rose, a wolf shifter, whose birth pack nearly killed her, has found contentment as a member of a loving pack, and that has been enough. When she meets the Alpha and Beta of a neighboring bear clan and learns these men are her fated mates, her life changes in ways she never could have dreamed. 


Brothers Mason and Riker Porda became the Alpha and Beta of their clan when their parents were slaughtered, and their lives have been a struggle ever since. While bolstering the health and safety of their clan is their life’s work, their hearts are sad and empty...until Rose. Their mate is everything they thought they’d never have, and when the threat of collector demons returning to earth invades the shifter world, the brothers learn Rose is so much more than their mate, she’s the reincarnation of the Goddess Thorne, the Huntress. 

Now, how the hell am I going to get myself out of this? Rose silently grumbled as she listened to
two bears trying to bring down the walls with their snoring. Mason and Riker, the alpha and beta
of the neighboring bear clan, were fast asleep on air mattresses that had been dragged into her
recovery room. She was surprised the mattresses hadn’t exploded by now.
She wasn’t sure how long she’d been unconscious, but it was dark outside and the pack
house was silent. She felt every one of the stitches that crisscrossed her body. Those damn
hyenas had made her pay for protecting her alpha matriarch, Raz, and Rose knew it was going to
take some serious time for her to heal. Funny, she’d come to the North Woods Pack covered in
injuries, and now that she’d met her mates, she’d be leaving in the same condition.
Rose tried to move her left leg but was barely able to contain the scream of pain from
bursting through her lips. Right, no moving. She was running out of options, and Rose really
needed to use the bathroom. Her molars were floating. She’d have to bite the bullet.
“Um…” Rose mumbled, not knowing what to say.
She’d never seen two men that large move so fast. It stunned her how quickly they were at
her bedside. They looked panicked and their eyes turned darker than their usual amber. Wolf
shifters’ eyes turned to amber when their wolves were near the surface, while bear shifters’ eyes
turned dark brown.
Mason scanned the room and Riker checked her over before pulling her blanket up to her
chin. “We’re glad you’re awake. We’ve been so worried,” he said in a rush as he leaned over the
bed blocking the light with his big body.
Male bear shifters tended to be large even in their human form. They were over seven feet
tall and weighed around two hundred and seventy-five pounds. From what she could see, it was
all muscle. She was enjoying the view, but her bladder was making its demand clear. She had to
suck it up, no matter how embarrassing this was.
“I need to go to the bathroom,” Rose mumbled. “I can’t seem to move.”
Mason and Riker looked at each other, and as she watched their silent communication, she
marveled at the brothers’ resemblance. Both had sandy blond hair—though Riker’s reached his
shoulders while Mason’s was cut short—wide-set eyes that were rich amber when in their human
forms, strong jaws and delicious full lips. Both men had a patch of golden chest hair peeking out
from their shirt collars, and both were sculpted like Greek statues. Sure, she’d seen Mason naked
when he shifted, but she had been bleeding to death at the time and had been a bit distracted.
“I’ll carry you to the bathroom, but it’s still going to hurt. Maybe we can get Doc in here to
give you something to ease the pain,” Mason offered.
She could see the worry in his eyes but she’d waited too long already and couldn’t take the
pressure any longer. “No time. Gotta go…now,” Rose begged as she began pushing herself up.
The pain was instantaneous and caused her head to spin, but she wasn’t going to pee the bed.
Mason moved quickly, reached down and slid his big arms underneath her back and knees.
“Easy there, hon. I’ve got you.”
She couldn’t help her cry of pain, but being surrounded by her these bears and their heavenly
scent of forest after a rain helped soothe her. Mason’s scent held something a little different, a
spice of some sort she couldn’t place. It didn’t matter what it was, all that was important right
now was it helped her pain subside.
Once she had her breathing under control, Mason continued to move toward the bathroom
while Riker slipped out the clinic door. Thankfully, she was wearing one of those hospital robe
with the opening in the back. It saved her from having him pull down her pants. He set her down
to relieve herself then waited outside the open door with his back to her. After she’d done her
business, Mason held her so she could wash her hands. Big hands, which could turn into massive
paws with four-inch razor sharp claws, carefully avoided her injuries with a bunny-soft touch.
He asked, “Do you need to do anything else in here?”
She ran her tongue over her teeth and thought, yuck, slime. then grabbed a plastic-wrapped
toothbrush, took it out of its packaging, then squirted toothpaste on it and got busy.
“That it?” He grinned as she finished rinsing.
Well, since he was holding her up, and she could maneuver the upper part of her body
without too much pain, she took out a hair brush from its wrapping and began to tackle her mop.
When she tried to reach the back of her head, the pull made her wince. He slid the brush from her
hand and started to smooth the tangles she couldn’t reach, all while continuing to support her
with the strength of his lower body.
As he placed the brush back on the counter, he rumbled, “Done?”
“Feel like polishing my nails?” she teased.
She laughed, then grabbed her side.
“Yeah, we’re done.”
He swooped her into his strong arms and carried her to the bed, and had her tucked in as if
she’d never left. He brought a glass of water to her lips, and she wanted to tell him she could do
that for herself, but he seemed to need to do it for her. She noticed how quiet Mason had been. If
she had to guess, worry was making him watchful and subdued.
The door opened and Riker peeked his head inside before pushing it all the way in for a
woman to enter. She had a variation of Rose’s mates’ scents, which was weird, but she
discovered why when Riker said, “This is our sister and our clan’s doctor, Jewel.”
“Are you the one I have to thank for all these stitches?” Rose arched a brow.
Jewel looked uncertain but answered, “Yes, Alpha Matriarch.” Words Rose never thought
would be directed at her; at least she had hoped never to hear them. Though she was an alpha
wolf shifter, she never wanted to lead anyone.
Rose made a point of talking softly when she said, “Thank you for putting me back together
and saving my life. I owe you a great debt.”
“You owe me nothing. We are family and you are the alpha matriarch of our clan. It was an
honor to help you.” Jewel came around to the side of the table and began inspecting Rose’s
wounds. “I have some medication that will help with the pain until your natural healing ability
kicks in.”
“How long do you think it will take before I’m healed enough to get around on my own?” I
hate being an invalid, and it’s particularly embarrassing having to be carried to the toilet.
“I’m sorry, Matriarch, but it will be at least ten to fourteen days before we can take the
stitches out over your joints. The remainder can come out sooner. I can’t imagine you being able
to move comfortably until the worst of the stitches can be removed.”
Jewel handed Rose her medication and Mason helped her sit up to take it. She wasn’t too
proud to admit she needed it, but at least it would be for a short time. She looked around the
recovery room, and between the machines and all the medical equipment; it was cold and sterile.
She wasn’t going to heal staying in here.
“Can I return to my room to heal?”
“Yes, of course, Matriarch,” Jewel answered quickly.
Before she could even ask, Riker was collecting her into his arms much the same as Mason
had. “You direct us, and we’ll take you there.”
Clearly, she wasn’t going to get any alone time for the foreseeable future. It wasn’t as if she
didn’t feel the pull of Mason and Riker. Rose wouldn’t lie to herself—if she hadn’t been injured
she might be all over them right now, but the injuries provided more time to get used to the idea
of having two mates and becoming a matriarch of her own pack, or clan in this case. Would they
accept a wolf as a bear matriarch? She was getting too far ahead of herself.

Fated Mates Book 3
Publication Date: December 12, 2019

After an attack left Zahra the only member of her pack alive, she remained as wolf for fifty years guarding her parents' graves until the Porda Clan arrived with their general, the man fated to be her mate.


Ruled by an insane triad, Zahra lost her ability to talk as punishment for speaking her mind. When her entire pack was wiped out during a vicious attack by brutal hunters, she barely existed as wolf for fifty years, leading a solitary life guarding her parents' graves. When the Porda Clan arrived to claim the land, the handsome but stubborn general of the Clan's army stayed with her, eventually coaxing her to return to his homeland. A wolf among bears, and unable to communicate with any of them, she was more isolated than she'd ever been. But her general didn't give up and proved he was her true fated mate, especially when an unimaginable evil threatened everything and everyone they loved. 

Lilli Carlisle is a paralegal and author who lives in Ontario, Canada. She is a proud member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter; the Toronto Romance Writers. More than just an author, Lilli is a dedicated people watcher, lover of romance novels and 80’s rock, who grew up with a love of reading. Lilli is a firm believer in happy endings and that love is meant to be celebrated and shared. 

These paranormal romance novels will raise your heart rate and make you believe in love. Enter this fantasy utopia and let yourself experience the anticipation of new love and endless thrills. After all, everybody needs a little romance, excitement, intrigue and passion in their lives. 

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