The Base of Reflections
What happens when the future abandons the past?

Elise and her companions have made it to the safety of Uracil but at a price. Desperate to secure her family’s passage, she makes a deal with Uracil's Tri-Council. She’ll become their spy, jeopardising her own freedom in the process, in exchange for her family’s safe transfer. But first she has to help rescue the next Neanderthal, Twenty-Two.

Twenty-Two has never left the confines of the steel walls that keep her separated from the other exhibits. She has no contact with the outside world and no way of knowing why she has been abandoned. With diminishing deliveries of food and water, she has to start breaking the museum’s rules if she wants a second chance at living.

One belongs to the future and the other to the past, but both have to adapt—or neither will survive…

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My Review
The Base of Reflections is the second book in the Ancestors of Tomorrow series, and it's a lot more intense. I'll try not to spoil anything for readers who haven't had a chance to tackle book one yet, but just know book two definitely heightens the anxiousness felt by everyone.

**possible mild spoilers below**
Elise, Luca, Kit, Samuel, Georgina, and Bay have all made it safely to Uracil, the base that no one else knows about. It's a safe haven for those who don't believe in what's being taught (that sapiens are bad, awful people, and potiors are the best because they're genetically superior and have been fixing the destruction of the past). But not everything in Uracil is easy. If Elise wants to save her parents, she must do something for Uracil in return. So she becomes a spy.
But her first mission goes awry, and it's up to her friends to try and save her before it's too late.
On the other hand, Twenty-Two, one of the other Neanderthals, has been abandoned in her museum. Her Companion is weak and old and unable to do much. And the museum has stopped bringing her food and water. But when a young cleaner finds them, Twenty-Two is determined to escape with his help. Can they pull off the same thing Kit and the others did at their museum, or will they be captured once again?

I really enjoyed this book. There's a lot more going on, and it gets pretty crazy at times. The new characters who get introduced are interesting. I quite liked Raul and Flynn. Faye had me hesitant at first. And Maya was pretty awesome. I think she was my new favorite character. I found Dara to be annoying at times, but also someone who was just doing what she thought was right. 

The overall plot and the world-building are intriguing and engaging. You feel as though you're journeying along with the characters, suffering their hardships and hoping for something better for them all. 

I can't wait for the third book to see what sort of uprising and/or rebellion takes place. The ending of book two is clearly promising us something awesome, so I'm excited to see what happens next!

4.5 stars from me!

Author Bio AE Warren lives in the UK. A not-so-covert nerd with mildly obsessive tendencies, she has happily wiled away an inordinate amount of time reading and watching sci-fi/ fantasy and gaming. She is interested in the what ifs’.

The Museum of Second Chances is her first novel and she is currently writing the third book in the 'Tomorrow's Ancestors' series.

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