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Blood On His Hands by Ian McFayden - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Blood On His Hands

When a stranger enters DI Carmichael’s local church, with blood on his hands claiming to have committed a murder, Carmichael and his team are quickly summoned.
And when the man disappears, as mysteriously as he arrived, with few clues to his identity, where he came from and where he went, Carmichael quickly realises that all may not be as it seems.
The conundrum becomes even more puzzling when, in less than 24 hours, a corpse is discovered in the boot of a Bentley car down a quiet country lane.
As the body count rises Carmichael and his team remain confounded as to who is behind the murders and what motive they have for taking so many lives. In this, the eighth gripping murder mystery from the pen of Ian McFadyen, the author once again captivates the reader with an array of beguiling characters tightly woven within an intriguing, skilfully scripted plot.
It will keep you guessing right until the end...

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When a stranger enters DI Carmichael’s local church, with blood on his hands and informs the young vicar, Rev Barney Green, he’s committed a murder, Carmichael and his team are quickly summoned.
But before Carmichael arrives the man then disappears from the church leaving the vicar panic-stricken. Barney Green and two of his parishioners rush out of the church and frantically try to locate him.

It had been over fifteen years since there had been a burial at the church, the plots having all long since been taken, but for over a hundred and fifty years prior to that the dearly departed Protestant congregation of
Moulton Bank had, one by one, been laid to rest in the hallowed grounds of the church, set halfway up Ambient Hill looking down on the small Lancashire village.
Although Mr Pendlebury, the church sexton, did a sterling job keeping the graves neat and tidy, there were many large trees and bushes dotted around which severely hindered Barney Green’s view of the entire graveyard.
Thinking quickly, he decided there were two options the fleeing man could have taken: either he’d have gone down the path to the north of the church, or he’d have headed around the side of the church to the
main entrance which led to the road. Barney Green opted for the latter.
Panting and fraught, Barney arrived at the front gate on Ambient Hill about thirty seconds later.
Straining his neck, at first looking up the hill and then looking down, he could see no one. Even the road was empty of cars, which was very unusual.
“Bugger and damn,” he cursed, just as his two middle-aged admirers arrived at his side, having tidied up their workstation and quietly departed the church.
“Has he vanished?” enquired Lindsay Carter, her question stating the obvious.
“Do you want us to help you look for him?” added Kerry Gillespie, her tone suggesting she was desperate for the vicar to say yes.
Barney Green thought for a few moments.
“If you could both please go into the graveyard and see if he’s there, that would be very helpful,” he replied. “But stay together, don’t on any account split up. I’m going to run down to check out the car park.”
Even though the vicar’s insistence that they didn’t split up had caused the two women to exchange a quick look of shared trepidation, they were delighted to be asked by their favourite cleric to assist him and they
shot off back down the path.
Barney Green took a deep breath before sprinting the twenty yards down the hill which led to the church car park entrance. Being young and in good physical condition, this took him no time at all.
“Bugger,” he muttered under his breath when he arrived to find only his own car and the old red Skoda that Kerry and Lindsay had driven up in. “He’s either gone up the hill or he’s in the church graveyard.”
With Kerry and Lindsay already looking in the graveyard, Barney decided there was nothing for it; he’d have to now go up the hill to look for the mystery visitor.
He checked his pockets for his car keys, before remembering that he’d left them in his jacket which was hanging on a peg in the vestry.
“Bugger,” he remarked for a third time, before he set off, running as fast as he could, up Ambient Hill.

Author Bio –
Ian McFadyen lives in Bishops Stortford, Herts and has published seven books in the Carmichael series so far. McFadyen has built up a strong following and is particularly well supported by library borrowers – being positioned in the top 10% of most loaned authors in the last few years. Favourably mentioned alongside Wilkie Collins and Colin Dexter, McFadyen’s titles are all available in paperback and on kindle.

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