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Follow Him by Craig Stewart - Book Tour & Review

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True love doesn't die - it devours. Just outside the sleepy town of Dreury, a mysterious cult known as The Shared Heart has planted its stakes. Its followers are numerous. More join every day. Those who are lost and suffering seem to be drawn to it; a home for the broken. When Jacob finds himself in need of such a home, he abandons his dead name and gives himself over to the will of The Great Collector. However, love refuses to let Jacob go so easily; his ex-fiancé, Nina, kidnaps him in the hopes that he can be deprogrammed. As she attempts to return Jacob to the life they once had, a terrible fear creeps in: what if there isn't enough of her Jacob left? When The Great Collector learns of his missing follower, the true nature of The Shared Heart is unleashed. Nina discovers what Jacob already knows: that hidden behind the warm songs and soaring bonfires is a terrifying and ancient secret; one that lives and breathes and hungers. And it's coming for them.

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My Review
Follow Him is a strange story that does not go in a way I really expected it to. It did take me a little bit to get into, but once it hit the 25-30% mark, I was intrigued, curious to see what would happen and how it would all play out. Once Nina shows up, things get real.
I wasn't super keen on the beginning of the book, and I worried I wasn't going to like it. There's a lot of weird cult stuff going on, and some sexual encounters, but I kept reading, and soon I found myself enjoying the book a lot more.
I can't say I particularly cared for any of the characters, but I found them well-written and "real" in a way. Like, you could imagine knowing someone like Jacob or Nina, Susan or Zelda. And let's be honest, we all know there are probably cults out there like the Shared Heart.
I did like that Nina went through a whole heck of a lot to try and bring Jacob back to her, to make him into the man he once was, back when they were engaged to be married. She's a tough chick, that's for sure. 
I won't say anything else to possibly spoil the ending, but just know that this book is a wild ride. It's dark and unrelenting.
Fans of horror and occult fiction will enjoy Follow Him. But those with weaker constitutions may be put off by the story. 
I'm rating Follow Him 3.5 stars.

About Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart is a Canadian author and filmmaker who learned how to count from the rhyme, "One, two, Freddy's coming for you."
He's a creator and connoisseur of everything horror; never afraid to delve into the dark, and then a little further. His written works include short stories, film scripts, articles, and most recently, a novel.
He has also written and directed several short horror films that have enjoyed screenings across North America.
Don't be afraid to reach out to him on twitter: @TheCraigStewart
Or visit his website:
Read Craig's inverview with Fanbase Press hereFANBASE PRESS

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