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The Sinister Urge by Frances Newton - Guest Blogger Book Review

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What if you had a secret? An irresistible urge?

Delve backstage and into the private lives of popular rock band, Lilli and the Munsterz. Returning to the music world after a turbulent split from her former band, Lilli Morgan has risen like a phoenix and has the industry at her feet.

“Before the split, it was: ‘Lilli? Everyone always wants to know if there has ever been anything romantic between Adam and you?’
‘No not at all. I'm quite content being young, free, and single,’ was my standard reply.
Now it's: ‘A special man in my life? No, I'm very happy being single. No time for all that.’ I've been peddling that line for years and it's never failed me.
Problem is, I do have a special man in my life. A wonderful perfect man … It's just a question of keeping it a secret. But for how long?”

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Jennifer's Review
The Sinister Urge is a good book. 
It’s about a girl named Lilli who has a brother named Elm(Tony), and they are in a band with a few others. As they tour around with the band, the two of them soon start doing something that most brothers and sisters don't normally do because it’s not normal behavior. 
Their older brother soon finds out about it and is horrified, as are their friends once they one by one learn. 
They keep doing it, and soon something happens to Lilli. 
What is it? Read to find out.

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