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100 Dates and a Wedding by Stephanie F. Tumba - Book Tour

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By Stephanie F. Tumba


100 Dates & a Wedding recounts Valérie’s love affair in London
and shares the lessons she has learned. She tells about her worst
experiences and the lessons she learned from them. His disappointments,
his joys and his own ambiguities are shared without concession.

But the questions that every woman asks herself are the following:
how to manage her love life after a divorce? Or how to handle a breakup
after a long relationship? How to believe in love again after being
disappointed? And between the rules of English love, the long-awaited
text messages, the misunderstood messages, the expected loves, the
over-interpreted words and the language barrier, Valérie experienced
incomprehension and shock. cultural in all its splendor. And finally,
somewhere between appointments, Hello / Goodbye and Shots Ass, Valerie
finds love.

100 Dates & a Wedding is a romantic diary that will make you
laugh heartily; it is full of raw emotions and a testament to the
Garbage culture we live in today. But beware! 100 Dates & a Wedding
does not criticize men, he spreads an inspiring message through
Valérie’s dates: you have to kiss some frogs before finding Prince

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The film ended, we left the cinema. The atmosphere was still so strained that I allowed myself to take a cigarette (something I have never done upon a date).

Chris asked, "Can I have a cigarette? I need to relax now, I am still fuming."

I replied a bit reassured, "Indeed."

I gave him one, and we both lit up.

A few seconds later, a guy came and asked for a cigarette. He sounded French and really friendly, but I did not even have the time to respond and chat with him. Chris took him by the neck and shouted, spitting in his face, his eyes full of anger, "Do you think that this lady has an off-licence shop?"

I couldn’t believe it! Not again! “Leave him alone, please Chris! You’re scaring me. Why do you act like that?”

"This son of a bitch doesn't respect ladies," screamed Chris, his eyes infused with raging nerves, and he kicked the poor French guy, who collapsed head-first on the floor – all for a cigarette. I was horrified and frozen. A few tourists passed by, horrified by the ordeal. The French guy ran away, surely beating Usain Bolt’s athletic world record.

Utterly mortified, I burst, “I'm leaving! You’re nuts! I can’t take it anymore!" I started running towards the road to get a taxi.

“Valérie, Valérie! I am so sorry! Please wait! I like you.” He caught my arm and kissed me awkwardly. The kiss wasn't reciprocated.

Born and raised in Paris, France by Congolese parents, Stéphanie
Tumba is a London-based international entrepreneur with interests in
fashion, leisure, production, publishing, toys and hobbies and property.

Since Stéphanie Tumba’s been a kid, she always had an overflowing
Imagination with a slight tendency to hyperactivity. Today, business
lady by day and writer by night, she has always read and written songs,
poems, or stories sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes comical,
occasionally sarcastic and sometimes dark & suicidal, depending on
her mood, the music she has in her mind, the people she met and the
amount of alcohol drunk on the day.

She strives to achieve a life that is balanced between her business
interests, the projects and causes she is passionate about, and her
friends and family.

Recently, we are thrilled to announce that she has released her first
novel called 100 Dates and a Wedding and is now available on Amazon and
other platforms.

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