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13 Apple Valley Road by L.B. Fetsko - Guest Blogger Book Review

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“David Altman looks good, but he isn’t.”
Lily is a nice girl from a small town. She can’t explain why she’s drawn to David. Before she knows it, she finds herself isolated, married to a vicious narcissist, facing panic attacks, and fighting for her own sanity. To confront her painful past and reclaim her life, she journeys home to Tennessee.
A surprising turn of events causes David’s dirty secrets to be revealed and changes everything. Lily discovers she’s conflicted when she decides to take revenge.
A tale of mental illness, betrayal, revenge, and healing.

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Jennifer's Review
 It’s a great book; sad but good. 
It’s about a girl named Lily who lives with a guy named David, and they are married but she’s not happy with him even after ten years of being married. 
One day David is on his way somewhere he is not supposed to be going; he gets into a terrible accident and is nearly killed. The sheriff and others soon find out that he was driving with no pants on, texting, and drunk. 
He is taken to the hospital where he is forced to recover. With him out of the way, Lily soon starts snooping around on his phone and computer, and what she finds is horrifying. What she learns about his life shocks her to the point she does not want to be around him anymore. 
Soon, he is able to come home after doing some horrible things, and Lily is more than happy to dish out her revenge on him. What she does to him will shock you, but what he does to her near the end of the book will also shock you. 
What happens after is a happy ending, so read this book if you are strong enough mentally to handle shocking things. 
This was a book I could not put down. 
I give it 5 stars.

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