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Crossed by Kristy Centeno - Cover Reveal + Giveaway

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Keeper Witches 0.5
by Kristy Centeno

YA Urban Fantasy 

Bryn McCaskey lived by simple rules: kill demons, never use magic against
school bullies, and avoid running her mouth in front of her Grams.

It all seemed easy enough to follow.

Until Rhyzel Connor rolled into her life.

Suddenly everything she thought she knew about demons is put to the test as
she finds herself teaming up with the most unusual of teammates to
save a fellow witch from a hit.

Only problem is she doesn’t know how trustworthy Rhyzel is.

When magic is involved a good outcome isn’t always guaranteed and Bryn
will have to put her neck on the line to get to the bottom of the
well, even if it means unmasking Rhyzel and everything he stands for
in an attempt to solve the biggest mystery she’s ever come across.

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I rummaged through the backpack to make sure everything was still inside and intact. Nothing was missing or broken. I zipped the bag up and pushed my arms through the loops. I spun around and stopped dead as I caught a blur of movement in a mirror hanging from the wall next to the main door. A large shadow had filled the doorframe behind me for a mere fraction of a second before stepping aside. It could’ve been my imagination, but instinct told me it wasn’t. I glanced over my right shoulder, but the space between myself and the sliding door leading to the balcony was empty. I turned back to the mirror. A huge shadow filled the frame. There was no mistaking the glowing red eyes. 
I had the kneejerk reaction to spread my legs, square my shoulders, and raise my right hand in preparation for an attack. Then I noticed something peculiar and paused. The shadow wasn’t reflecting from somewhere in the room, but seemed to be a part of the mirror itself. There were no discernible features except for the eyes—blood red eyes that were eerily like Rhyzel’s. The energy was different from his though. Heavier. More oppressive. 
The similarities ended with the eyes. This being was an entirely different entity.

Kristy Centeno loves to spin tales of creatures that go bump in the night,
with a sprinkle of romance to top them off. Her passion for writing
stems from a lifelong enjoyment of reading and the pleasure derived
from the magical worlds created by authors like her. She prefers her
female leads strong, independent, and stubborn who will stop at
nothing to save their loved ones and protect those they care for.
Kristy currently resides in Pennsylvania with her five kids, a quartet of
noisy parakeets, and a spoiled puppy. When she’s not working or
writing, she juggles her free time between raising a handful of
minions and pursuing other career goals.

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