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Jon Richter's Disturbing Works Volume Two by Jon Richter - Book Tour & Review

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Blurb: John Richter’s Disturbing Works Volume II

Another compendium of delightfully macabre stories by Jon Richter, author of Deadly Burial and Never Rest. Jon's first short fiction collection was described as 'Black Mirror meets Tales Of The Unexpected', and here he brings you another chilling assortment of twisted tales encompassing killer creatures, terrifying technology, and scientific experiments gone horribly wrong... These dark fables are perfect for anyone who likes their reads short, shocking, and laced with a dash of black humour.

My Review
This book is a collection of short stories that range from horror to sci-fi to dark humor. Some of the stories left me wanting more, while others had me nodding in satisfaction. The stories include:
The Pit - Strange, mildly disturbing tale about a garbage strike...but it's oh, so much more than that.
The Truth - If you're not a fan of cellars/basements (like me), this story will both make you cringe in horror and snort with derision. 
Polaris - Ugh, this story was one of my favorites. It left me needing MORE! I definitely got a John Carpenter vibe from it. Loved it!
Ephemera - Not quite my cup of tea, but an interesting story nonetheless. 
Source - A creepy tale involving tissue/organ transplant recipient, sleepwalking, and the phrase, "He wants it back."
Monolith - Another favorite. A pharmaceutical company that takes performance enhancement to a horrifying new level. I'd pay to see this if it were a movie. Especially because it could go in so many disturbingly fun directions.
Leviathan - A story that went in a different direction than I was hoping, but still dark and weird. If you've a fear of the deep, dark ocean (like I do), this story will freak you out.
Urbex - Yet another favorite. I adored the ending to this one. It's morbid. It's fun. It made me laugh. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But I could see this as an episode of, like, Creepshow (on Shudder) or something. Beware abandoned zoos.
Endurance - 100% got a Wrong Turn meets Running Man vibe from this. A race to test endurance doesn't go as planned. At all. It turns into more of a race for survival instead.
Interface - A "zombie" story that takes people's addiction to technology and turns it on its head. Strange and amusing.
Overall, I quite enjoyed this collection of stories, and I'd recommend it to fans of horror. Or just people who enjoy morbid tales in general. I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on volume one, because I am now officially a fan.
4.5 stars from me!

Author bio:

Jon Richter writes dark fiction, including his two gripping crime thrillers, Deadly Burial and Never Rest, and his two collections of short horror fiction, volumes one and two of Jon Richter's Disturbing Works.
Jon lives in Elephant & Castle and is a self-confessed nerd who loves books, films and video games – basically any way to tell a great story.  He writes whenever he can, and hopes to bring you more macabre tales in the very near future, including his upcoming cyberpunk noir thriller, London 2039: Auxiliary.  He also co-hosts the Dark Natter podcast, a fortnightly dissection of the greatest works of dark fiction, available wherever you get your podcast fix.
If you want to chat to him about any of this, you can find him on Twitter @RichterWrites or Instagram @jonrichterwrites.
His website haunts the internet at, and you can find his books at Amazon here:

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