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Teek: Children of Prometheus by S. Andrew Swann - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Something has awakened within Allison Boyle. Now she must avoid capture by a decades-old conspiracy.

Allison thought she was normal, until she discovered the power to move things with her mind. She’s uncovered a genetic heritage her mother’s been keeping from her, and she finds evidence of a secret organization conducting horrible experiments on teenagers like her. Suddenly men with guns are hunting her down.

Allison goes on the run cross-country to find her one hope, the father she hasn’t seen since she was five, someone who may be involved in the conspiracy as much as anyone.

Can Allison’s untried ability be enough to let her escape from the long shadow of her family’s history?

Newly revised, this book was originally published under the name Steven Krane.

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Jennifer's Review
It’s a very good book. I really enjoyed reading it. 
It’s about a girl named Allison Boyle who, after overhearing her mom on the phone with someone talking about her, becomes curious and begins to investigate what is going on. She soon finds plane tickets to different states, so with her best friend, Macy, the two of them steal cars and go looking for Allison’s dad, who she believes has the answers. 
The two of them soon get caught by the people they are trying to avoid. They are taken to PRI and separated. Once Allison learns what they want from her, she does everything to get her dad and best friend together and makes a plan to escape. Another person named Jessica tries to stop her and a friend named Zack from leaving, but how? 
Do Zack, Allison, Macy, and Allison’s dad escape? How? Read this book to find out. 
5 stars.

Author Bio
Steve has been afflicted by writing since an early age, and was seriously involved with prose in high school. Despite the best efforts of a supporting and loving family, he published his first novel in college. While insisting he can stop any time he wants, he hides behind an alias, S Andrew Swann, and has published 26 novels since 1993. He’s indulged in fantasy, science-fiction and horror and, as a late-stage genre addict, has even gone so far as mixing all three in the same book. (Marked, which came out in January 2019.) To this date he insists that his compulsion has not had an adverse effect on his life.

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