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Forsaken by Sara Reinke - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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The Netherworlde Book 1 
by Sara Reinke 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Jason Sullivan has everything he could have wanted in life -- his own business, the perfect girlfriend and the perfect opportunity to ask her to marry him. Then, in one violent, unexpected moment, he loses it all. Murdered in cold blood, wrongly condemned and enslaved to a sadistic demon, Jason must fight to reclaim not only the life and love he'd once known, but also his soul. 

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Forsaken is the first book in the Netherworlde series, and it starts off interestingly enough. Jason, a bartender planning to propose to his girlfriend, ends up getting stabbed right before he can pop the question. But, in a strange twist of fate, Jason wakes up not long after the incident, only to discover his life will never be the same.
What Jason thought was only mere hours was actually five years. His girlfriend has moved on. His bar has been sold. And he's not supposed to exist. But he's determined to try and go back to his normal life. Unfortunately for him, normal isn't a thing anymore.
Can Jason win back his girlfriend while also dealing with the demon he's now enslaved to? Or will he end up in Hell for all eternity?
I really enjoyed this story. The beginning starts off with a bang, and things get really weird and confusing pretty fast. But after Sam gets mad at Jason when he tries to explain what he remembers happening to him (and when he's found with a gun), the story gets a little slow in spots. Jason befriends a teenager who needs help, but I found myself not really interested in that bit of plot. While I liked Mei, I found the stuff with her a bit slow. The last 3/4 of the book, though, picks back up and gets crazy again. And when the truth behind Jason's murder and subsequent return five years later is revealed, it's a bit of a doozy.
It's definitely an intriguing read, and while a bit dark and gory sometimes, I rather liked it. I'm curious to see what might happen in the next book, considering how this one ended.
If you're a fan of paranormal romances with angels and demons, you'll want to give Forsaken a whirl.
4 stars from me!

"Definitely an author to watch." That's how Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine describes Sara Reinke. New York Times best-selling author Karen Robards calls Reinke "a new paranormal star" and Love Romances and More hails her as "a fresh new voice to a genre that has grown stale."

When she's not writing, Sara is probably dreaming up her next fictional adventure, driving one or both of her kids to or from school, trying to keep her house from looking like a hurricane ripped through it, or working full-time as a registered nurse. During her free time, she's likely to be found with a margarita or glass of Moscato in hand, failing miserably to replicate a recipe she saw on an episode of The Pioneer Woman.

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