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New Year New Guy by Angela Britnell - Book Tour & Review

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New Year New Guy

Out with the old life, in with the new …
When Laura’s bride-to-be sister, Polly, organises a surprise reunion for her fiancé and his long lost American friend, Laura grudgingly agrees to help keep the secret. And when the plain-spoken, larger-than-life Hunter McQueen steps off the bus in her rainy Devon town and only just squeezes into her tiny car, it confirms that Laura has made a big mistake in going along with her sister's crazy plan. 
But could the tall, handsome man with the Nashville drawl be just what reserved Laura Williams needs to shake up her life and start something new?

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My Review
New Year New Guy is a fun little romantic comedy that follows Laura, a tough British nurse preparing for her sister's wedding, and Hunter, an American man who happens to be Laura's sister's fiance's friend from school. The pair are forced together by Polly, Laura's sister, who thinks having Hunter stay with Laura until the wedding is no big deal. And it isn't...until Laura and Hunter start to realize they may have feelings for one another.
I thought this was a cute read. I liked the connection between Laura and Hunter, although I do think they got a bit carried away with one another sometimes. They definitely couldn't keep their hands to themselves throughout the book, even before they admitted their true feelings to one another.
I found Polly to be a bit fussy, though. While Laura may have been tough while on the job, she was relatively calm and content, whereas Polly had a complete meltdown because her fiance didn't tell her about his past. Which, to be honest, wasn't a big deal. Polly definitely had her moments where I was just like, "Why are you like this?" 
There's a small little side plot with Laura's ex-husband and his new girlfriend. Nothing really comes about with that, though, and it just felt a little odd. I would have liked to have seen Laura confront her ex and make the new girlfriend help her in getting her ex ousted from the hospital (he's a surgeon, but he's also a massive jerk). 
Overall, though, this is a sweet, fun read that will have you smiling as you watch love blossom between Hunter and Laura. 
4 stars from me!

Author Bio –
I was born in the beautiful county of Cornwall in southwestern England and grew up in a small village there. I return frequently to visit family and friends but especially to savor the cool rainy weather and hot tea. After school I joined the Royal Navy and served for nearly six years. I held varying jobs from being the only woman in the staff of a sports center to arranging social engagements for the Captain of the base. My last assignment was to Denmark where I thought I would spend a wild two years in Copenhagen only to discover I was being sent to a NATO Headquarters in a quiet town on the Jutland Peninsula. I was only disappointed for a while as I met my own tall, dark, handsome stranger there – a US Naval Officer named Richard who became my husband.
That was the beginning of an itinerant life as from Denmark we went to Sicily where we had our first son. Then it was on to Monterey, California and the birth of our second son. From there we headed to Patuxent River, Maryland where we had our third son. Richard’s last assignment was to London where we spent a wonderful three years. Retiring from the Navy he took a job in Brentwood, Tennessee near where he grew up. Since 2008 we are empty nesters which allows more time for my writing.
I have always been a voracious reader, even at 5 years old my school reports show a keen interest in English and very little in math – some things never change! Although I enjoyed writing in school it wasn’t until 2001 that I was tempted to take a creative writing class at a local recreation center which has sparked my new career.
When I’m not busy writing I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I try to grow English flowers in the Tennessee heat and succeed some of the time. I belong to the wonderful Red Bandanas Writing Group, Jubilee Readers Book Club, and volunteer at my local library so you can see that words are important to me.
I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it so sit back, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy a break from everyday life.
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  1. Thank you so much for the kind review and for the help in sharing Laura and Hunter's story with a wider audience.


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