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The Worst Lie by Shauna Bickley - Book Tour

The Worst Lie

Madelaine had everything she wanted.

Friends, a successful film career, and a loving boyfriend.
Then she was dead…

Lexie's friend Helen was part of a close-knit group at university. Now, ten years later, Helen is fearful when another of the group reappears and suggests a reunion.

Lexie contrives an invitation to the weekend get-together at one of England’s ancient stone circles where one of the group admits they believe their long-dead friend was murdered.

Lexie discovers each of the group has secrets and each has lied, but could they also have committed murder?

There is another death at the stone circles, and Lexie uncovers information that may connect the two crimes… and implicate her good friend.

Is someone targeting the former students, or is the killer one of the group?

The Worst Lie is the second standalone novel in the exciting Lexie Wyatt murder mystery series.

If you like British crime novels featuring ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, then you’ll love this gripping tale of secrets, lies and obsession that leads to murder. 

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Author Q&A

1. If you could tell your younger writing-self anything, what would it be?
Dream high, start writing novels sooner and don’t take yourself too seriously.

2. Favorite childhood memory involving books?
I’ve always loved reading and I was lucky that both my parents were also readers so they appreciated how much books meant to me. At Christmas I would always wake around 3 am to that delicious discovery of a packed stocking on the bed. We weren’t very well off, but I’d always have one or two new books in my stocking along with some sweets or chocolate. So 3am would find me curled up in bed, reading my new book and eating chocolate. Some things don’t change much!

3. Did you want to be an author when you grew up?
As a child I thought authors were special people and very different to everyone else so that I never dreamed I could consider myself as one. It took me far too long to get out of that mindset which is why my advice to my younger self is to dream high.

4. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?Keep writing, every day if possible, even if it’s only for ten or fifteen minutes. It’s like exercise, the more you practise the better you become. Take some courses to learn the craft of writing. That is also a great way to find (or create) a good critique group of people you trust.
5. What book do you wish you had written?Probably Gone Girl. I enjoyed it as a reader as it had clever plot twists which left me thinking, oh wow, I wish I’d come up with that. It also took off in such a big way when it was published and is one of those books that is still talked about.
6. If you could live in any time period, what would it be and why?I think that now is quite an exciting time to live. I like the travel and technology aspects of life that we enjoy. I loved history as a subject in school and was always fascinated by the Tudor period of English history, but I’d definitely want to be rich if I lived then.
7. What is your favorite genre to read?Not surprisingly my favorite genre is crime. What I enjoy most is the mystery element and trying to figure out the puzzle of who committed the crime before the end of the book.
 8. How long, on average, does it take you to write a book?The answer to that is, it depends! I write crime novels but also some chicklit and women’s contemporary fiction. The crime novels take me longer working out a plot and threading through the clues and red herrings. For example, The Worst Lie took me around 18 months. For those who have read it you’ll know that while the majority of the action happens now there are a few chapters that take place around 2005, and one or two in 2010. Initially I wrote it more along the timeline, but then I decided that didn’t work and started again sprinkling the past occurrences through the current happenings and bringing in some parts as conversation. In contrast, I wrote my Kiwi based contemporary novels in about 3 months. I like to try and write the first draft as fast as possible to keep the momentum and pace of the story, but that generally means spending more time in editing and rearranging.
9. How do you select the names of your characters?I have a list of surnames and male and female first names and I add to these anytime I come across a new name. Those end of year lists of the most popular names for babies are a good start. Sometimes a character comes along with a name but most often I consult my list until I find one that fits the character as I know them. For me, naming characters is important and the name really needs to fit their personality. Occasionally I rename a character once I get to know them better if I feel the original name doesn’t fit.
Many thanks again and happy reading to you and your followers, Shauna xx

Author Bio –
Shauna writes mysteries featuring characters who aren't afraid to go looking for murderers and generally get themselves in all sorts of danger. In real life, Shauna doesn't do any of those things.
When she can't come up with a murderous plot, she also likes to write about ordinary people pushed into extraordinary situations. Underneath all that criminal intrigue is a true romantic who likes to see the magic and mystery in everyday life.
When Shauna isn't writing (or surfing the internet pretending she's researching), you can find her reading, running (or more likely walking), coming up with excuses not to attend Zumba, and trying to find new ways to use the excess fruit from the trees in the garden.
Shauna's latest release is a crime thriller, The Worst Lie, featuring Lexie Wyatt from the novel Still Death.
Currently she is working on a sequel to Writing the Stars, but if discovered staring out of the window she's probably contemplating new ways to kill people for a third Lexie Wyatt novel.
Shauna is always happy to hear from people, but only if they're friendly and don't ask hard questions. You can find her on Twitter, Pinterest and via her website or through good old-fashioned email.
If you would like to know when her next book comes out, or when she has special offers on other books, you can sign up for the Book Club at http://www.shaunabickley.com

Social Media Links –
Website: www.shaunabickley.com
Twitter: @ShaunaBickley
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/shaunabickley/


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