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A Delicate Dance of Souls by Karen D. Hamilton - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Series Title A Delicate Dance of Souls by Karen D. Hamilton

Category:  Adult Fiction (18+), 266 pages

Genre Romance, Spiritual

Publisher: Yes and Also Press

Release dates:   March 10, 2020

Content Rating: R for some profanity, sex scenes (not very explicit), discussion about rape (doesn't happen in book).

“Matt and Nicole’s sexual relationship is built upon mature expectations and open conversations... [that] involve psychological grappling: with the inner child, dark parts of the human psyche, and reconciling the past. ...[T]heir relationship is vulnerable and eye-opening.” Foreword Clarion Reviews

“In Karen D. Hamilton’s tale of friendship and self-acceptance, the main characters must learn to trust others and to identify internal demons. ...Readers will steadfastly follow the characters’ journey of self-discovery... Infused with spiritual lessons, this story about two lost souls finding their way back to themselves proves a satisfying read.” BlueInk Review

Book Description:

When souls intersect deeply, but their paths are separate...

After a harrowing experience from his service in the military, Matt returns only to find his marriage to the love of his life is over. In the midst of his darkness, Matt seeks peace camping in Wyoming, where he meets Nicole, an intriguing woman who shifts his perspective, and changes his life forever. As their connection deepens, their relationship uncovers the fears that are holding both of them back.

Matt isn’t the only one with an unresolved love in his past. Waiting in the wings is Sam, Nicole’s business partner and best friend. The pair have a history of more than just catering and event planning, but Nicole has always been afraid of letting Sam get too close.

In this novel of self-discovery, compassion and healing, Nicole and Matt are brought to a greater understanding and acceptance of themselves, and who they are in the world.


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Guest Post
Your story starts in a campground. Why did you choose that setting for your book?
My characters, Matt and Nicole, are due for major shifts in their lives. Especially in the first part of the book, Matt will need to leave behind many things he thought were true about himself. Such changes are very difficult to achieve when people are actively engaged with their everyday lives.

One of the things that was always so delicious for me about going to the spiritual conferences I attended is that you’re removed from your normal life. It’s like you’re in your own little bubble, to reflect, to go inside yourself, to get connected to the deepest parts of your own soul. Serenity instead of stress; quiet instead of busyness.

The campground was like that for Matt, and Nicole also–a place where their whole focus was on the opening to new ways of understanding their lives, new possibilities for self-awareness. Neither could have done that with other people around, or the constant interruption of phones and screens and “stuff to do.” The energy they were constellating would have been disrupted, and dissipated. Breakthroughs require, first of all, a break.

Plus, camping is fun!

Meet the Author:
Karen D. Hamilton’s spiritual journey has spanned decades and has included several teachers with transformative perspectives. Believing that life is a wondrous gift, she strives to appreciate all aspects of the human experience. Karen loves the excitement of thunderstorms, the silence of falling snow, the chirping of late summer crickets, the meditative art of weaving, and the natural beauty of mountain streams. She especially loves being with family and friends. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband and fluffy cat, Merlin. Karen hopes her work will give readers a broader and more compassionate view of their own lives.

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