Thursday, May 14, 2020

Dad You've Trumped by Andrew Rogerson - Book Tour & Review

Dad You’ve Trumped
by Andrew Rogerson

This is the story of how a dad tries to explain away his moments of flatulent indiscretion
to his daughter Poppy who is five. These are real moments. They are real excuses!

Information about the Book
Title: Dad You’ve Trumped
Author: Andrew Rogerson
Illustrator: Christopher Dodd
Genre: Picture Book
Publication Date: 14th May  2020
Page Count: 34
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
Dad, You've Trumped is a silly children's book that tackles the subject of flatulence. It follows a five year old girl named Poppy as she spends time with her dad each day. And each day, he finds a new excuse to explain away his unfortunate moments of passing gas.
This is a nicely illustrated book that showcases the bond between a father and his daughter, even with the subject the story is dealing with. While the subject itself is amusing and will make kids laugh, the story itself is easy to read and fun to look at.
Kids of all ages will enjoy this book. 4 stars!

Author Information
Andrew is 52 and lives near Liverpool with his wife and family. He has always loved theatre and music
and runs a youth theatre for The Arts Project based in Widnes, Cheshire.
He sometimes plays double bass in a band called The Chimps. His youngest daughter is the subject of the books
in the Poppy and Dad series of books.

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