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Gold Fever by Lawna Mackie - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Gold Fever 
Treasures of the Heart Book 1 
by Lawna Mackie 
Genre: Romantic Adventure, Suspense 

Could it be true? The gold existed. A treasure map alluded to such a find, but for over a century it was rumored a fable, one told by an old crazy man—Samantha (Sam) Avery’s great-great-uncle. 

One huge problem existed. Her brother Finn sent her the map and told her to run. Sam knew her big brother was in trouble and she had to help him. 

In Dawson City, Yukon, Hunter Gray, outfitter and guide had been hired to do a job. At the airport, pick up a Sam Avery and take him to the old Charlie Avery cabin up the mighty river. 

What Hunter Gray hadn’t expected was for Sam to be a Samantha, who wore fashion designer shoes, had a sharp tongue and a goddess-like appearance—the vast wilderness of the Yukon was no place for somebody like her. 

Sam had to learn quickly. How hard could it be to ride a horse and live without running water and restaurants for a week? It didn’t matter, her brother needed her and Sam had to convince the ruggedly handsome man and his wolf… yes…wolf, that she was up to the adventure. 

Spending night and day together, Samantha knows the attraction between them is growing quickly. Not only is Samantha determined to rescue her brother, but she must now save her heart from a man who doesn’t believe in love. 

Excerpt from GOLD FEVER – BOOK ONE

Samantha glared at him. He was no gentleman. Pulling her suitcase behind, she watched as he approached what must be his vehicle. That thing was no truck! It looked like a bulldozer. She scrutinized him from the back. He must be at least six foot maybe four inches she thought. He was very tall and getting in the thing with four wheels wouldn’t be a problem for him. However, how the hell would she climb up. Sure enough he leapt in and closed the door. When she got to the side of the monstrous vehicle, she had to reach way up just to open the back door. How the hell was she going to get her suitcase up there? Hell would freeze over before she gave him the satisfaction. A regiment of weights, running and swimming made her tough and strong. She slammed the handle down on the suitcase and grabbed it by the side, attempting to lift it in. With all her might she managed to get it off the ground, but to get it over her head into the backseat would be almost impossible. Hoisting it up and using her legs to help she got it up to the running board of the truck. In her state of determination she didn’t even hear him exit, where he now stood behind her. He put his arms around her and grabbed the suitcase, lifting it effortlessly into the backseat.
“Oh,” was the little squeak that came out of her mouth.
“You’re welcome to sit in the back on the other side if you like,” he said. “The front is reserved.”
At that moment a very large black head with yellow eyes looked between the front bucket seats at her and made a tiny growl.
Alarmed Sam stepped back and tripped over herself. Before she could fall in an unceremoniously heap onto the ground, Hunter reached out and caught her around the waist. She almost let out a sigh of relief.
He continued to hold her, and she realized how awfully small she was in his arms. She stared up into his face and they locked eyes. Damn him for being so ruggedly handsome. Not the type of man she’d find in her polished Chicago lifestyle. Sam took a deep breath of air and realized she was now staring at his lips and wondering what it would be like to have them pressed up against hers. Time seemed to halt, but before she knew what had happened he had her standing fully upright.
Wow. Did she really just act like that? Embarrassed, she pulled herself together and out of the trance. Make a note to yourself Sam. When you get home go out for a date and hopefully get lucky! I can’t believe you were just thinking that.
In the pickup truck, she peered around the door to the massive animal in the front seat who glared back with yellow eyes.
“That does not look like a dog.” The concern in her voice was clear.
“He’s not, but then that would be illegal so for all intents and purposes he’s just a very large dog that looks like a wolf.”
The statement left her speechless. How did a normal person respond to that?
“If you’d really like to sit in the front seat your welcome too.” Hunter closed the door.
Sam put her hands up. “Heavens no! I don’t need that beast looking at me like I’m dinner.”
He chuckled. “Did you mean my wolf or me?” He winked at her.
All right—things didn’t catch her off guard, she expected unusual outcomes and lived by that. In the past five minutes this man had caught her off guard a few times.
“No. Thank you. I’ll take my chances in the backseat, unless there is something else I don’t know about?” She asked the question with a weary glance at him.
“You should be okay for today at least. Since I’m out here would you like a hand getting into the backseat?”
“No, I’ll be fine.” Sam walked around to the other side of the truck and opened the back passenger door. The rain made everything slick and the way her luck was going she’d slip and end up on her ass. With one hand on the inside of the door and the other on the seat she managed to lift her foot up onto the running board and thrust herself up with the standing leg. For Pete’s sake it was like a workout getting into the beast of a machine.
“Good to see you managed on your own.” He looked over his shoulder at her.
The wolf also looked at her. Sam pushed herself as far back into the seat as she could and tried to shake the rain off her head.

“Welcome to Dawson City, Ms. Avery.” He looked at her from the rearview mirror.

I'm a small town girl with big world dreams. I was born in Jasper, Alberta, and my parents were outdoor enthusiasts. My dad was an avid fisherman and I'm certain my mother was Mother Nature.

The love of my life is my husband. He, along with my animals are my inspiration for everything I write.

I live for romance, and truly believe true love conquers all. From an early age you could always find me with my nose buried in a romance novel--that hasn't changed. I write various forms of romance from contemporary, paranormal and fantasy to erotica. 

$30 Amazon 

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

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  1. I like the couple on the cover. How long did it take you to write it?


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