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Secret Supers by Andy Zach - Audio Book Tour

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Author: Andy Zach

Narrator: Luke Castle

Length: 3 hours 3 minutes

Publisher: Jule Inc.

Released: Jan. 6, 2020

Genre: Middle Grade; Science Fiction

Jeremy Gentle fell flat on his face at therapy. That was normal since he had cerebral palsy. But his new superpower wasn't normal. Then, things got weirder when his best friend Dan Elanga got a different superpower. But Dan was still blind.

Kayla Verdera and Aubrey Wilcosky, two girls in their middle-school special ed class, discovered they too had new superpowers. Kayla was mute and needed a walker. Aubrey lost two legs and used crutches. But they were as powerful as the boys. What should the four friends do?

Jeremy knew if the word got out, it'd be a media circus. Then, they started fighting crime as the Secret Supers. Who knew a disability could be a perfect disguise? No one would ever think of disabled kids as superheroes. But they ran into problems they never expected.

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Andy Zach was born Anastasius Zacharias, in Greece. His parents were both zombies. Growing up, he loved animals of all kinds. After moving to the United States as a child, in high school, he won a science fair by bringing toads back from suspended animation. Before turning to fiction, Andy published his Ph.D. thesis "Methods of Revivification for Various Species of the Kingdom Animalia" in the prestigious JAPM, Journal of Paranormal Medicine. Andy, in addition to being the foremost expert on paranormal animals, enjoys breeding phoenixes. He lives in Illinois with his five phoenixes.

With his first book, "Zombie Turkeys" Andy blazed new ground in paranormal humor. The second book in his Life After Life Chronicles, "My Undead Mother-in-law" expands the zombie plague from turkeys to humans, with hilarious results. You can find both volumes on Amazon Kindle, Createspace print, and Audible audiobook editions.

Not content to keep in zombies earthbound, Andy puts them afloat in his third book, "Paranormal Privateers". Just when you thought every funny zombie trope had been explored, new humorous horizons open up. You can get "Paranormal Privateers" in Kindle and print formats. The audiobook is available now on Audible.

Having conquered paranormal animal humor in his first series, Andy Zach launches into middle school superhero genre with Secret Supers. Four disabled seventh graders all get superpowers. Who knew a disability could be so useful for hiding a superpower? But the four friends, Jeremy, Dan, Kayla, and Aubrey confront problems that can't be solved by superpowers.
I’m just your average nerd living out in the heart of Texas. (Actually, more to the side but heart sounds way cooler) As the only 17-year-old narrator I know of I hope to be part of putting God’s messages in people's everyday lives, and also to show other youth that we are capable of taking on thing that might be deemed as ”only for adults”. If I finish my homework on time you can normally find me reading, writing a new debate case, cooking up a new recipe that I just have to try, or taking a nice long walk.
Q&A with Narrator Luke Castle
  • A lot of narrators seem to have a background in theatre. Is that something you think is essential to a successful narration career?
    • Absolutely.....NOT. I am a 17yr old, with no formal training, and I have landed 9 contracts in just over two years. While it is super helpful I am sure to have that formal training it is by no means necessary. What is needed is that you have the love of acting, and pretending.
  • Are you an audiobook listener? What about the audiobook format appeals to you?
    • Oh yeah! If you catch me during my walks and I take the headphones off by choice, you know that you mean something to me. I think that I love hearing a book from someone else's perspective. Listening to an audiobook lets you be floated along on someone else's thoughts. And that is a wonderful experience!
  • Do you read reviews for your audiobooks?
    • Yes! I am always looking for ways to improve, so I read every single one. It can be hard sometimes to hear the critiques, but listening and making changes based on that is how you continue to improve.
  • If so, which ones stand out to you most, positive or negative?
    • Neither, I like the ones that tell it like it is. Tell me what you liked, and what you didn't, I hope that you don’t have a bad enough experience that the whole book was ruined! Likewise, I doubt that I was perfect, tell how you truthfully feel and that solves a lot of issues.
  • Who is your “dream author” that you would like to record for?
    • I would love to land a contract by Chuck Black, his work has always really inspired me. There is also Dickens, but he’s pretty these days being...... well...... dead.
  • Bonus question: Any funny anecdotes from inside the recording studio?
    • Oh yes! So I record out in a tiny little booth, under the stairs to the attic. It’s a GREAT little homemade iso booth in my opinion, HOWEVER, it’s still in the garage... One day I had just wrapped up the second chapter of Secret Supers and I look down, on my knee is the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life. I was out of that booth faster than you can say jack robinson, and let me tell you, that both underwent a thorough cleaning, and pest treatment before I settled back it.

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