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The Broccolis by J C Allan Book Tour & Review

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The Broccolis by J C Allan

Meet the Broccolis - your vegetable super hero family.

This is their first adventure together!

Next time, you will be able to continue the adventure at Barney's Birthday.
Keep an eye out for book two where their story continues.

Information about the Book
Title: The Broccolis
Author: J C Allan
Genre: Picture Book
Publication Date: 21st May 2020
Page Count: 22
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
The Broccolis is a cute children's book that teaches kids how great broccoli is. While it may not sway the pickiest of picky eaters, it's a fun little story that just might convince your little one to try the delightful vegetable known as broccoli.
The illustrations are adorable, and the story is a quick, easy read that will bring a smile to readers' faces. Kids and parents alike can enjoy this story.
The one thing that did sort of confuse me a little, though, was the ending. The Broccoli family sits down for dinner, and along with their fish and potatoes, they're also eating broccoli. Maybe it's just me, but a Broccoli family eating broccoli is a little odd. But also silly, and I'm sure it will amuse young readers.
5 stars!

Author Information
I live and work in Central London. I have also worked in Europe teaching English to both children and adults.

I have studied psychology at a degree level (BSC Hons) and have been particularly interested in child psychology and attachment theory.

I am a strong faith person and my faith very much shapes my positive outlook on life.

I have one adult son whom I cherish.

Tour Schedule

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Wednesday 20th May

Friday 22nd May

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Saturday 30th May

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