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The Knight of Two Realms by Ceara Comeau - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The Knight of Two Realms 
Heroes of Avalon Book 1 
by Ceara Comeau 
Genre: Fantasy, Scifi 

It's been said that the Lady of the Lake gave King Arthur Excalibur. Legends speak of her beauty and benevolence as she aided the king on his quest to greatness. But in this twisted tale, she goes by another name, one that terrorizes all who have heard of her wicked deeds--Nimue. 

Unlike her alter ego, Nimue relentlessly sought after Excalibur for a millennium. With the sword in her hand she would enslave her people and bring destruction to another world--ripping time apart. But a young historian caught onto her plan. 

Avelia Dula is guided by magical visions with the wisdom of how to stop Nimue. Though, they alone won't do the trick, she gets help from a woman with unprecedented knowledge of the Arthurian legends. But, she hides a dark secret, one which could be detrimental to Avelia's mission. 

Book Trailer 

Avelia looked to her little brother, who stared at the magical duel in shock. Every skeptical part of him vanished the second the battle took place. Avelia glanced at the sword, which still stood inside its bright light—as if waiting to be released. Ridding her heart of all doubt, Avelia raised her hand, preparing to catch the sword by its hilt as she thought its name; Excalibur!

The glow surrounding the beautiful weapon dissipated as the sword heeded Avelia’s call. Silently, it slid out of its protection and rose to the sky, flying around and behind Nimue. It flipped through the air a few times when suddenly Nimue reached behind her and wrapped her fingers around the hilt. That’s when everything escalated. Knowing Merlin was still too weak from his slumber to try any risky counter spells, Nimue directed her power toward the sword, intending to reel it back to her side. But she put far too much strength behind her power. A pale-yellow light crawled up the sword in cracks. Everyone, including the wicked fairy, stared in disbelief as the blade of the sacred sword split in half followed by the hilt which hung limply before falling off the blade. The three pieces of Excalibur hung still in midair, as still as everyone’s breath. The broken sword began to move, giving them all hope that it would piece itself back together. But it wouldn’t be that easy—nothing ever was. Instead, the pieces began tearing a hole in the fabric of the two worlds, creating a rift. It happened so fast that none of them could brace for what happened next—pure darkness.

Allow me to take you on a journey to my literary universe--the Chronosalis Galaxy. Here, you can peer into the lives of aliens, magical creatures, and villains of untold power. 

Join me on the adventure of a lifetime and become one with the characters as you discover the twist in my science-fantasy novels! 

$15 Amazon 

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  1. I like the two realms on the cover. How long did it take you to write your book?


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