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The Lazarus Charter by Tony Bassett - Book Tour

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The Lazarus Charter

Bob Shaw is baffled to see a man in a brown coat at a bustling Underground station. Surely it can’t be his friend, the scientist Professor Morley? Morley perished weeks before in a blazing car. Is the man an impostor or did his friend fake his death?
This fascinating and ingenious thriller tells of Bob’s battle to find out the truth, helped by his wife Anne. They are confronted by ruthless enemies and forced to flee their home in this fast-paced spy thriller from the author of Smile Of The Stowaway.

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(Teacher Bob Shaw is waiting for a London Underground train at Euston Square when he spots a face he recognises)

‘It was then by chance I glanced up and saw the man briefly through a carriage window. He was wearing the same brown leather coat he always wore.
And once I’d seen him, I couldn’t tear my eyes away, even though I had only seen him for about two seconds. 
It was a face I knew so well. But it was the face of a man who shouldn’t have been there. Who couldn’t have been there. 
My heart pounded as though it would burst from my chest.
‘Good God! Good God!’ I murmured.
I leapt up and paced along the underground platform, straining for a clearer view as the train drew to a halt. . . . .
Abruptly, inexplicably, he turned his head to the right and, for a second, our eyes appeared to meet. I felt a sudden intake of breath at the sight of the slim features with kind eyes and a grey goatee beard.
Then he turned away without the slightest hint of recognition and I saw him slip a pair of dark glasses on as he left the train and mingled with all the departing passengers.
I had no idea if he’d recognised me and pretended he hadn’t, or if he simply hadn’t noticed me at all.
His greying hair was cut much shorter than I remembered. He set off up the platform, in a direction away from me, at a furious rate, marching towards the exit. Full of energy, he seemed. Full of life.
I tried to track his progress beneath the fluorescent lighting but I could only catch brief glimpses of him striding along like someone late for an appointment. He was darting in and out of the shadows, leaving other passengers trailing in his wake. The double doors of the red underground train closed again, and a moment later the train moved away.
 I didn’t know what to do. I just stayed where I was while the clattering carriages disappeared into the black void. Then, on impulse, I belatedly raced up the stairs in an effort to catch up with him. A quest for an explanation. A quest for certainty.
  I didn’t question the logic – running after a man who shouldn’t have been stepping off the Tube on a Wednesday afternoon just after four pm. Tightly clutching my folder of documents in my right hand, I just ran.’

Author Bio –
Tony Bassett, who was born in West Kent, grew up wanting to be a writer from the age of nine when he edited a school magazine. After attending Hull University where he won a `Time-Life' magazine student journalism award, he spent six years working as a journalist in Sidcup, Worcester and Cardiff before moving to Fleet Street. Tony spent 37 years working for the national press, mainly for the `Sunday People' where he worked both for the newsdesk and the investigations department. He helped cover the Jeremy Thorpe trial for the `Evening Standard', broke the news in the `Sun' of Bill Wyman's plans to marry Mandy Smith and found evidence for the `Sunday People' of Rod Stewart's secret love child. On one occasion, while working for `The People', he took an escaped gangster back to prison. His first book, `Smile Of The Stowaway', is one of four crime novels Tony has written over the past three years.  He has five grown-up children and eleven grandchildren.  He lives in South East London with his partner, Lin.
Social Media Links –
Twitter: @tonybassett1
Tony’s author website

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  1. Tony Bassett writes: Thank you very much for featuring The Lazarus Charter on your website and for publishing the brief excerpt, which comes from Chapter One. Best wishes, Tony


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