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Winter's Gift by Florence Keeling - Book Blitz

Winters’ Gift: A heart warming, feel good romantic comedy. 

‘I absolutely adored this book. It gave me all the feels! A charming read full of warmth and heart.’ ***** Kim the Bookworm

Bea Winters is in desperate need of a fresh start. Being bullied at work is not her idea of fun and she longs to follow her dream of becoming a published author. When an advert appears in her local paper to work in a publishing house in the sleepy village of Bloomsdale, it sounds too good to be true.  

She strikes up an instant friendship with gorgeous aspiring author, Eddie Richards and her dashing millionaire boss Scott Summers 

But all isn’t as it seems in the sleepy village of Bloomsdale.

How does the local clairvoyant know her name? Who does the little black dog that keeps appearing belong to and why does she keep bumping into the mysterious Charlie?  

As she starts to unravel the truth, it seems that everyone in Bea’s life is keeping secrets.  

An uplifting romantic comedy that will warm your heart – perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley, Milly Johnson and Carole Matthews.  

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This is the first time Bea visits the gorgeous Bloomsdale. Having made a decision to leave her current job she heads up to Yorkshire for a job interview. Bloomsdale is loosely based on the village of Goathland, my mum and late dad's favourite place to visit.

Turning on the Sat Nav she punched in the post code of The Angel Arms before ignoring it completely until she was actually on the motorway.  Bea was feeling happy and positive, she wasn’t expecting to get this job, wasn’t even sure she actually wanted to move away if she did, but it was a good excuse for a short break.
The Sat Nav’s electronic voice told her to take the next exit and she moved back to the inside lane after overtaking a rather slow lorry with a precarious load of crates wobbling around.  Bea concentrated hard, she was always a little nervous when driving in new places.
She was now in Yorkshire, according to the sign she’d past a few miles away.  The landscape was breath taking, endless green fields, the odd farmhouse and rolling hills made the long drive worthwhile.  She had a quick glance at the Sat Nav and saw she was now only a few miles away from her destination.
The road had suddenly become very curvy and as it was a single track Bea had slowed right down.  She couldn’t see past the corners and hoped she didn’t meet any vehicles coming the opposite way.  After a precarious ten minutes of almost crawling she came upon the most beautiful village she had ever seen.
Pristine cottages with neat gardens lined the road, neighbours chatting over low fences or mowing lawns completed the scene.  Bea was so used to living in the city that she’d forgotten what a country village looked like.
She carried on along the road pulling into a car park as the Sat Nav announced she had reached her destination.  The Angel Arms was a large Georgian building built in golden Yorkshire stone.  It was three stories high with an Oak wooden door in the middle, narrow rectangular windows and was perfectly symmetrical even down to the chimneys at either end of the slate roof.
Switching off the engine and grabbing her small suitcase from the back seat she walked to the front door admiring the beautifully painted pub sign hanging proudly on its wooden post.  A glorious angel dressed in white hovered above a perfect replica of the pub, endless moors dotted with sheep in the background.

About Florence Keeling
Florence Keeling adopted for her pen-name her Great Grandmother's name, chosen because of the shared birthday of April Fool's Day.  She is married with two teenage chidren.  Born and raised in Coventry, England she now lives just outside in Nuneaton.  Reflected Destinies is her first novel.

Florence Keeling also writes for children under the name of Lily Mae Walters.

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