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Charlestown to Charlestown and Beyond by Mike Nolan - Book Tour

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Charlestown to Charlestown
and Beyond by Mike Nolan

Charlestown to Charleston and Beyond by [Nolan, Mike]

Mike Nolan grew up in the deprivation of post- war Britain.
As a young man he had a dream that somehow became a reality;
to live his life on the high seas to indulge his passion for all things nautical.
Eclectic employment as a musician, a hod carier, butler and boatbuilder meant that Nolan’s
life never conformed to a nine to five existence.
All the while the call of the sea, like a siren, was impossible to resist.
His life as a sailor, fulfilled his wildest dreams but saw him hit by a series of catastrophes,
including hurricanes and a violent shipwreck.
On a more positive note, he did at least manage to save both his wife and her cat!
This is a rags to riches story with a sharp sting in its tale.

Information about the Book
Title: Charlestown to Charlestown and Beyond
Author: Mike Nolan
Release Date: 16th June 2020
Genre: Non-Fiction
Page Count: 214
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing


It was a warm, balmy evening as we had just watched a dazzlingly beautiful sunset, the bright crimson globe had just dipped below the horizon, as the last haze of daylight surrendered to the night, it became dark almost instantly, as there is very little twilight in the Caribbean, we were en route to St Maarten, having left the anchorage at Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Sea.

Our ship, Hafan-Y-Mor, was an 85 ft LOA Brigantine Schooner. She was our home, as well as providing us with an income, she was the end result of many years of blood, sweat, and tears. All of the sacrifices and effort that we had put into this project was now being repaid in spades. All our hopes and aspirations had come to fruition, and the dream that had been mine for many years was now being shared with Viv. Our future prospects were looking more positive after a couple of successful charters, we were living the dream.

We were running the ship with a crew of four on this particular passage, this was fine for short island hopping. Viv and myself were accompanied by Molino, a South American sailor on his way to St Maarten, along with Magnus a young Swede; these guys were working and paying for their passage.

All was well after completing my evening rounds. Magnus and I went below, Molino was on the helm, he spotted a red light, he called me, I came up on deck to take a look, using the trusted, mark one eyeball and a hand-bearing compass. I was sure that this was the island of Nevis. I went below to the Nav station, checked the chart, and the Satnav confirmed it was Nevis. The chart stated that an all round red light signalled that it was the harbour at Charlestown, we were about two miles distant. I told Molino to keep the light on his starboard side, visible between the mainmast and the shrouds. I returned to our cabin. Suddenly, I heard, and felt, a sickening grinding crunch as the ship lost all forward movement and it stopped. I quickly scrambled up the companionway out on to the deck. I looked puzzlingly at the strange angle of the rigging. My mind would not register the severe degree of the list of the deck. Somehow Molino had driven the ship onto the reef. Instinctively, I knew that the dream had been well and truly shattered, and that it had turned into my worst nightmare.

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