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Never Ever Tell by Kirsty Ferguson - Book Tour & Review

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Never Ever Tell
She’d do anything for her boy…

Vanessa Sawyer knows all about pain. She’s felt it every day since marrying the boy who fathered her baby in high school. All he’s meant are broken bones, broken heart and broken dreams.  But he also brought her the love of her life. When her son Wren was born, her baby boy was her salvation. 
Vanessa watches Wren grow and become a young man she can be proud of. Until one night everything changes, including Wren. One night that her son refuses to speak of. Now Vanessa can’t rest, not until she uncovers the secret that her son has been hiding from her.
Will she find the answers she’s searching for or will her quest for the truth take her to a dark place where all hope is lost? 
One evil act. One tragedy. Lives destroyed forever.

Page-turning, heart-pounding and unforgettable, Kirsty Ferguson has written the perfect novel for all fans of B. A. Paris and Adele Parks.

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My Review
Never Ever Tell is an emotional read with an ending you won't see coming. If you want to read something that will tear your heart right out of your chest and stomp on it, this is the book for you.
It tackles the tough subjects of domestic abuse, rape, bullying, and suicide, so be warned if you're a sensitive reader. 
The story follows Vanessa, a woman who has been dealt a crappy hand at life thanks to Mark, the boy she liked in high school. The only bright spot is her son Wren. Vanessa will do anything to protect Wren, and Wren seems to be a bit of a mama's boy as he gets older. Once he hits high school, though, he befriends two other boys and starts dating a new girl. That's when things get bad. Really bad. 
I found myself relating to Vanessa in some ways in this book. But there were other times when I though she was a bit annoying and/or frustrating. And by the end, I absolutely hated her.
The characters in this book are all well-written and fleshed out. It has a very real, relatable feel to it. It's something I can imagine happening in a small town (and definitely does more often than it should). I found myself crying. I found myself smiling. And I found myself seething with a white-hot rage. All at different points in the story, of course. But that ending... That ending made me go "WHAT?!" and want to throw my Kindle out the window. 
If you're looking for a suspense thriller that will have your emotions all over the place, give Never Ever Tell a go. 
4 stars from me!

Author Bio –
Kirsty Ferguson is a born and bred Australian. She writes crimes and mystery novels. Her stories center around strong women and dark themes that are topical and relevant to today. Kirsty chooses to deconstruct and enthrall her readers with the secrets of any everyday person behind closed doors. She has long been a lover or writing and reading, creating stories from a young age

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