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Plan B by Hayley Oakes - Cover Reveal

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PLAN B by Hayley Oakes


Penny didn’t expect to be left holding the baby when she agreed to be a surrogate,

She wanted her payday and for her life to get a little easier for once.

Matt didn’t expect to lose his wife before the baby even arrived,

He wanted to forget the whole thing and drown himself in alcohol.

Tragedy changed their plans and made their worlds collide,

Out of all the pain, can two very different people achieve the ultimate Plan B?

About the Author

I am a lady who is in my early thirties who feels like a girl in my late teens!!! I love to read and write - My favorites are angst ridden romance and post-apocalyptic romance but I am up for anything so long as it's a page turner.

I work hard and also play hard. I have an amazing family, am a mother of one and a wife of a demanding Manchester United fan.

I enjoy socializing, TV shows that incite obsessiveness, movies that become cult favorites and books that I can't put down.

I love my friends and quirky characters that I can observe and feed into my stories. I am excellent at accents and playing characters, which I like to slip into my everyday life.

All in all I'm a crazy person who likes to jazz up the mundane and breathe life into characters that I wish I knew in real life.

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