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Secrets in the Valley by Brandy Nacole - Cover Reveal

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Title: Secrets in the Valley
Author: Brandy Nacole
Genre: YA Paranormal Suspense
Cover Designer: Melissa Stevens at The Illustrated Author
Publication Date: June 26th, 2020
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Cooper and Jada warned me the life of a hunter wasn’t for everyone. There’s a reason only a handful of people, out of the millions across the planet, survive our calling.
I believed I would be the exception to the rule. A natural in the art of the
hunt. Blinded by my own arrogance, I was hellbent on proving them wrong.

At first it was easy. The adrenaline pumping through my veins. The rush of the mystery. It kept me going, constantly moving towards the next case.

Until... a wrong move nearly got Cooper killed.

Now, we’re alone in the middle of nowhere as unspeakable darkness closes in. I thought I was ready. Now, all I want is out. Can I dig deep and channel the strength required to keep
us both alive? Or will there be a fatal cost for my mistake?

The Award Winning Chindi Series continues with Secrets in the Valley, a gripping page-turner that will leave readers gasping!

Buy Links:Deep in the Hollow: in the Bayou:
Whispers in the Lake:

Whenever she’s
not reading or writing, Brandy is spending time with her family and friends,
throwing around crazy ideas, teaching, and singing like a rock star at a
concert for no one else but herself. She loves plants, but unfortunately is a
killer of anything that requires water but can’t voice (scream) their needs.

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 Buy Links:
Deep in the Hollow:
Buried in the Bayou:
Whispers in the

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